Frequently Asked Question

Our Capabilities

Do you create presentations for PowerPoint or Keynote?

We create a presentation with PowerPoint and deliver the final result according to your request—PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, or PDF. Please note that our capability is to redesign your presentation content overlook, not to create the content.

Can you help me write the content for my presentation?

Normally we get the content from our clients, not the other way round. We believe that our clients have a capability in understanding their audiences better. However, we will always be ready to give feedback regarding its design.

Can you build a template that I can use several times?

Sure. We will aim for the best with closely studying your brands’ identity. Or, you can give a guideline that we can apply to build a template. Just show us your references, and if you don’t have any, give us a design sample (it can be your website, social media, etc.) Then there we will scratch the concept of your ordered template further.

Can you rebrand my existing presentation materials?

That is basically what we do! Just share your presentation and any specific design requirements to us, tell us which aspect that you need to get rebranded (color scheme, font, logo, etc.) We assure you a much improved and visually enhanced presentation in the delivery.

Can you build an infographics asset for my company?

We will build a handmade infographic for your company’s needs. There are some infographic and diagram models which you can order from our designers, such as fishbone, tree, SWOT, pyramid, funnel, and more.

Do you provide the source files that are editable?

Absolutely. The final result will be delivered in PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, or Google Slides format, so with no need to be a design expert, you can edit our files easily.

Do you provide training on presentation?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide any training and classes yet. Worry not, you may check our Blog and YouTube to get the latest tips and tricks about PowerPoint design.

What design things that you can’t do?

As a specialized professional team, we put the limit towards our capabilities. Now, we can’t go with a request for motion graphic, 3D art, front-end, or website design. But, please take to your account that we possibly scratch the prototype of your design, for any kind of needs, through PowerPoint or Keynote.

Our Procedures

What materials do I need to provide you to start my order?

Basically, you need to provide the presentation content in a text format (PowerPoint/Word/NotePad/PDF document, or even a scribble of it) Then add your brand logo (optional) or specific color scheme for your slides design, and name of industry to which your presentation is related to in our form.

If you can’t provide one or more of those materials above, we can help you to integrate them with materials that you already have. So no worries!

My file is highly confidential. How do you deal with that?

We promise value on your file safety and confidentiality. We put processes in place to make sure you can sleep at night with no worry. Before we start working, we will ask you to sign an agreement with a clear-cut, that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information.

How do you ensure our data security?

We will make sure your information is safe. But, if you want to keep it safer, we will provide a non-disclosure agreement for you to sign before starting a project. No more worries to start a presentation design project with us!

How many orders can I give at once?

You may send as much as you want in a single order. Later, our team will manage its timeline so you don’t need to worry. And if in the middle of our working process you want to change the requirements of your order, or if there are any extraordinary needs, just hit our team directly. We will always be ready to help you for the best.

How long do my requests take to complete?

It depends on what kind of service you choose. Normally we make a turnaround in 96 hours, if you have an urgent need, it will cost more. Check our pricing details here. For a quick order, we can send at least 20 slides/day depending on the difficulty of your requests.

How many times can I give a revision?

You can get a standard three-times revision at no cost for the same content. Just let our team get the details of the revisions required via e-mail or Trello. More than that, the revision will be billed in a new agreement.

What are your payment terms?

You need to pay first, but you don’t need to pay out of the total invoice. We require a 50% deposit, or 25% at minimum before we start working, and you can pay the least after your project is finished. Pretty flexible, right? Let us know if you have a special need, we will try to suit your payment plan.

Will you still help me if I just have a small budget?

We prepare many design’s service options to meet your budget size. Our pricing ranges from $4 - $2500, and we are pretty sure that our service is at a competitive price among another design agency. In this case, you can be clear of what you want and expect, we will do our best to always help you.

Plan and Subcription

Is there a free trial for a new client like me?

With pleasure, you can try our service for free! The one and only requirement is, you have to make a minimum 15 slides redesign order. Come on!

What is dedicated service? I have never heard of it!

The idea is similar to using an outsourced design service for your corporate, nevertheless, this service is also applicable for individuals or a third party. You will get our top talent designer to handle your project personally. Our selected designer will be fully trained to work at your guidelines and your brands. This service plan is suitable if you need a bunch of presentation slides production or a pitch-deck, with a more flexible timeline and turnarounds.

Can we cancel our plan anytime and get a refund?

Unfortunately you can’t make such a cancellation and get a refund. However, you still can delay your project under a reasonable occurrence, just like a pandemic and bankruptcy. We truly hope such things won’t happen.

Can I resell any of your design products?

Yes you can, as long as the source material (content, logo, branding elements, colors) are from you. Once our service outcome such as slides, templates, and infographic assets are in your hands, you have the rights to use them for anything. We make sure that our graphic elements, vector, and stock photos are free-licensed. 

If what you mean is reselling our pre-made templates in our marketplace, you can’t. Read our product FAQ for more information.

Do you have a suggested plan for me?

Just click here and you can talk with our lovely customer support. Don’t hesitate to discuss anything with us! We will choose what is the best for you and we open to any partnership too.

About Us

Can I see some of your previous work?

You can go to this link and see our portfolio. There, you may take a look at our recent project with thousands of amazing clients around the world!  You may find some reviews and stories from our clients too.

Will you describe more about your team?

Started as a small business of three fresh graduate students in 2015, RRGraph Design now became one of leading presentation design services. With more than 5 years experience in this field, RRGraph has worked together with 5000+ amazing clients throughout the world.  

We are based in Indonesia. Our studio is located in Jalan Simpang Leksda Adi Sucipto Gg. 22A No.85, Pandanwangi, Malang, East Java 65126. With our in-house team that consists of 30+ creative designers, 5+ customers support, and 10+ marketing specialists, we want everyone—every business or needs—to have the same opportunity to deliver their best presentation through well-designed slides.