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RRGraph Referral program is an exiting and trusted opportunity to earn cash by inviting your friend to order in RRGraph. Your friend will get 10% from order amount, up to US$150. And you will get 20% from order amount, up to US$150.

Normaly when your friend have been complete order, you will get to paid every 15th in every month. And the payment will be transfered in paypal, payoneer, or your credit card.

NO! There are have no date expired. Everytime you can get the reward, with every friend you invite, you will be able to get $150.

Normaly our customer support will be ready in 07.00am – 19.00 for call. But to be sure you can book to call first by Whatsapp (+6285 171 023 030) or by our lovely email (support@rrgraphdesign.com).

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