You might be the one
that we are looking for!

You might be the one that we
are looking for!

Junior Copywriter


Graphic Designer

Full Time

Customer Service

Full Time

HR Manager

Full Time

Campaign Manager

Full Time

Our work culture

Creative, casual work environment

As a creative digital product service company, we value a sense of creativity that sparks from each individual in our company. We aim to bring good energy to ourselves and our surroundings.

Dig and learn something new

Though we mostly do presentation design as daily work, we encourage everyone to explore their talents. We believe any softskills and craftsmanship can bring a positive impact to others in the company.

Speak up your mind freely

For us, the job title is just a title. Whether one is a junior, senior, or manager, everyone is free to speak up their mind and give constructive feedback. Respect is our primary value, no matter what position we have.

Junior Copywriter


What will you do?

  • Write clear, compelling copy for our product
  • Edit and proofread copy as needed
  • Collaborate with designers and product team
  • Play around with our cat


  • Excellent writing and editing skills in English
  • Be able to work at RRGraph Studio
  • Detail oriented
  • Basic design skill is a plus
  • A great teamworker
  • Can join immediately
RRGraph Design
RRGraph Design

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Office Address

Simpang L.A. Sucipto Gg. 22A
No.85, Malang 65126


+6281 334 783 938
[email protected]

Business Hours

Monday – Saturday
07:00 – 18.00 WIB GMT+9

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RRGraph Design

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