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28 Halloween Event Ideas During COVID-19

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28 Halloween Event Ideas During COVID-19

Table of Contents

Spending our days with fun Halloween ideas like creating spooky costumes, decorating cute pumpkins, and getting special treats can bring a full of joy for us. Unhappily, this Halloween tradition may look different because of this pandemic outbreak. However, there are still plenty of ideas that pose a lower risk based on CDC guidelines while keeping safe on the Halloween celebration.

Most importantly, we must follow the regulations of what we have done like avoiding large meetings, wearing a face mask, washing hands, and using hand sanitizer. In this write-up, we have rounded up 28 Halloween event ideas to stay safe during COVID-19.


Halloween Event Ideas 1: Virtual costume party


Don’t be sad, buddies! Bring your laptop or phone, headphone, soft drinks, and some snacks into your private room. Then, connect with your friends or families even if you can’t go outside to celebrate your Halloween.

Creating a virtual Halloween-themed custom or dance party via Zoom can start a spooktacular day for everyone to shake their boo things. Plus, ask them to show off their costumes on camera. Need some inspirations? Get some Halloween Zoom backgrounds with fun printable props, so we can attend our virtual event in spooky style. Let’s creep out your people this October.


Halloween Event Ideas 2: A movie night in

Watch a movie night and take a warm blanket and pillows. Call your family members to join or consider letting your young sister or brother watch their favorite genre. For tips on finding some appropriate movies for young ages, read more here.

What is more, we can also watch our movie via a projector in the backyard, living room, or on the couch through Netflix Party. Cook some popcorn and play your favorite movies and T.V. shows. Find out these Halloween-movie recommendations categorized by age.


Halloween Event Ideas 3: Boo-licious pizzas

Happy quarantine-o-ween! Pop your day and share a simple idea for your Halloween dinner!  Pizza is always a favorite menu in our home, especially with home-made cooking. Get your time busy by cooking ghost pizzas to make your Halloween more festive during COVID-19.

It is an easy dinner for us to prepare simply by making the dough of bread with shaping the ball of dough into a ghost character. Then, spread the bread with pizza sauce, add the slices of pumpkin, and cover them all with cheese. Lastly, we can cut out some tomatoes for eyes and a mouth then bake it. Your ghost pizzas are ready to serve.


Halloween Event Ideas 4: Decorate!

It’s time to decorate in and outside your home to mesmerizing this Halloween during COVID-19. First of all, we can hang some lights, spread fog by machine, use some old clothes to make a straw man.

Creating Halloween decorations can be pretty useful, especially for kids. For instance, adding some adorable ghost balloons will help them feel like their day is going to be perfectly cheerful. However, this decade is a little bit more monotonous than in the last years.


Halloween Event Ideas 5: A candy graveyard

28 Halloween Event Ideas During COVID-19

Little kids at a Halloween party

Set up fake gravestones in your yard with gifts piled up next to each headstone. With this, we can let people enter the graveyard one by one to catch a package of prizes by their own bags for extra safety.

This concept is extra cool because our yard gets dressed up with tons of uncanny stuff. It is true, it will keep us a way to stay social distance while playing trick-or-treat on this Halloween during this pandemic outbreak.


Halloween Event Ideas 6: Trunk-or-treat trend

Trunk-or-treat comes with decorated vehicles with unique crafts. On top of that, we can create it in our backyard or neighborhood by considering asking some adults to spread the candy for safety.

Apart from that, trunk-or-treat is a new way that buzzes this year to change trick-or-treat in terms of socially distancing. Indeed, this way is usually held in a school, a parking lot, town square, and many more.


Halloween Event Ideas 7: Stay healthy with a costume parade

Another trend we’re hearing about is a costume parade with riding bicycles. With our unique costume, we ride around the street to show off our costumes and spread more candy for everyone.

Besides using bicycles, people also use wagons, golf carts, and cars to show off their looks! Stay away from crowds and follow the rules even when going outside.


Halloween Event Ideas 8: Boo your friends

Don’t think that we will scare our friends. What we actually do is that we spread a mysterious item anonymously by dropping a Halloween goodie bag, for instance. This usually works by sneaking to our neighbor’s home after dark, ringing the doorbell, and running.

Also, leave that mysterious item on their doorway with a note inside. It is a fun way to spread our fun holiday without making direct contact. After all, always use hand sanitizer after touching many objects.


Halloween Event Ideas 9: Glow in the dark eggs

28 Halloween Event Ideas During COVID-19

Photo by Mary She on Unsplash

Hunting eggs aren’t just for Easter. Bring this joyful thing to your Halloween party. Wrap your eggs with plastic to hide and decorate them with scary faces with stickers or markers.

We can even turn out the lights with glow sticks for eerie nights. Grab glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark eggs at Amazon for celebrating Halloween in your home.


Halloween Event Ideas 10: Online face mask contest

This is the basic idea for celebrating Halloween this year: decorating a face mask. Whether it is a DIY craft for yourself or a family, we can customize our surgical mask to match with our favorite style.

Let’s bring out those masks for friends and family in a Halloween Zoom fashion show. Whoever has the best mask, they will get the Pumpkin King or Queen title and anything else. Also, if you want to get some inspirational DIY for Halloween face mask styles, then kindly check here.


Halloween Event Ideas 11: Trick-or-treat driveway table

Throw away the traditional Halloween candy bowl and ask the adults to set up and decorate tables or booths in their yards where they can distribute a cup of sweet candies or plate of fancy desserts.

We can use a fortune teller Halloween table, Ghoul Gang Halloween table, Peanuts Halloween table, and so much more. This concept will reduce our contact with others while also still celebrating Halloween with astounding decorations.


Halloween Event Ideas 12: Spooky celebrity shoutout

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

Cameo is a service that allows us to pay a well-known person in a work of the performing arts or other public figures to create personalized videos.

With it, we can request a Halloween message on Cameo from creepy characters in Halloween movies, including Pennywise, Mark Patton, Danielle Harris, and Kimberly J. Brown. Not only that, Cameo will curate a Halloween landing page closer to this October 31st with more creators.


Halloween Event Ideas 13: Creepy latte art

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Although we might not celebrate Halloween like going to a haunted house or trick-or-treating with friends, we can groove more of our energy into creating eerie latte art.

Halloween is all about treating ourselves, which means we should enjoy our day with a ton of bittersweets. Indeed, try something creative like coffee latte, caramel macchiato, or choco-cappuccino.


Halloween Event Ideas 14: Drive-thru haunted house

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Do something special while celebrating Halloween safely inside the car. Create drive-through haunted houses, drive-in movie theaters, or decorate haunted roads with some lighting.

Haunted houses will undoubtedly look different this year, too. But, contact-free Halloween experiences are starting to play its role. For some inspirations, we can search online for “haunted roads” or “drive-thru haunted houses” to see if there is a special for you.


Halloween Event Ideas 15: Drive-in movie theatre

Photo by Jona on Unsplash

Drive-in theaters have made a remarkable comeback during this pandemic, especially for celebrating Halloween. Many people prefer watching movies to keep their social distancing rule.

Check the local listings to see where and when we can catch this Halloween classic. Plus, provide each group with its own supply of treats, so that no one can share the popcorn or other items from the same bowls.


Halloween Event Ideas 16: Mystery gifts in a pumpkin patch

Halloween. Mother and daughter in Mexican style halloween costume. Family at home with pumpkins.

We know that this outbreak still hasn’t shown its decrease. Now, it is our time to increase our concern and love for people around us by making a mystery gift with pumpkin patches.

Pumpkin patches are open but with safety precautions, including cashless payment, masks, hand sanitizer and limited capacity to ensure social distancing and safety. We shouldn’t be worried about having fun even in this situation.


Halloween Event Ideas 17: Play Halloween bingos

Halloween bingo cards are a fun game to get people of all ages playing at home with family and friends. This game is also fantastic for teaching to develop listening skills.

We can browse free printable Bingo cards with spooky illustrations and cute icons. Turn on the few candle lights and let’s play your bingo cards. For a unique experience, hire a professional to do this.


Halloween Event Ideas 18: Virtual horror games

Photo by Kdwk Leung on Unsplash

Escape rooms are a viral activity nowadays, especially for celebrating Halloween. This game can make you goosebump with creepy houses and items.

Due to this pandemic, escape rooms have rotated by going virtual. Go googling for some recommendation lists by surfing the best virtual Halloween escape rooms.


Halloween Event Ideas 19: Learn Halloween dance

Keep your party going with Halloween dance moves. Open your laptop or other devices to play some Halloween dance covers and go practice the dance with family or alone. It is the creative thing to do when celebrating Halloween at home with more productivity and less contact.

Do you think you have already got all the moves you will ever need successfully? Worry not, if you have not adequately mastered the dance floor, you can take some dance ideas by exploring some dance covers from TikTok.


Halloween Event Ideas 20: Camp out under the blue moon

We will tell you something, in case you get stuck to search for a fun activity, there will be a full moon on this October 31st, 2020. That phenomenon happens just once every 18 or 19 years.

It is also called a “blue moon” aka the second full moon of the month. So, let’s wake up and set up a tent and some books. Then, enjoy that fantastic moment.


Halloween Event Ideas 21: Terrifyingly costumes

Create your own scary Halloween costumes that will freak out everyone. When it comes to Halloween costumes, we can choose one of many different inspirations. Some people like grabbing their boo and going with a cute outfit, while others prefer going with a foxy costume.

Whether we use our beloved creepy characters from movies or go with a traditional one, there are still a lot of ideas out there to take some of our picks.


Halloween Event Ideas 22: Halloween home library

Photo by Alex Geerts on Unsplash

Have fun with some resourceful books our family have to display in the corner of our room with description cards and freaky decorations. Other than that, we can prepare a comfy desk and couch.

Allow your family to draw or decorate their original Halloween-themed artwork around the room. With this, we still gain knowledge without feeling bored when celebrating Halloween in the middle of a pandemic.


Halloween Event Ideas 23: Spooky hide and seek

Who says that candy hunts are only for Christmas day? We will love playing this in the dark, especially when celebrating Halloween party. Firstly, choose a player to act like a ghost and hide. Secondly, have the other players remain together at a well-lit base, such as a porch. In this case, let the seekers count to 10 and then find the hiding ghost.

When someone catches the Ghost, they shout, “Ghost in the graveyard!” and run back to the base. The Ghost will chase the seekers and tag as many as possible before getting back to the base. Then, the first person tagged will become the new Ghost.


Halloween Event Ideas 24: Pumpkin carving

Go to the field and pick up several pumpkin patches. Then, get glossy black paint and brushes as lovely as we want. This is the other fun way to set up our social distancing.

Create an outdoor pumpkin carving station for a small circle of friends. In there, we can simply paint pumpkins with a solid color and then splash a different color over the body using a toothbrush. Bring your day cheerfully with playing fine-tune music for your festive Halloween.


Halloween Event Ideas 25: Jack-o’-Lantern displays

New York boasts over 7,000 jack-o’-lanterns designed and carved by local artists across the country. This type of craft was set up around the 18th-century along the river.

To get this experience, we can create our own Jack-o’-Lantern together with our family. Then, put them in the yard to spark an unforgettable Halloween night. This activity can be the safest thing to do when celebrating Halloween at home.


Halloween Event Ideas 26: Virtual storytelling

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

Love it or hate it, Zoom apps have saved our lives in the last few months. And Zoom is the most awesome app for celebrating Halloween too. The good thing about zoom is that we can still dress up and talk with our friends to play a Halloween bingo session.

We can have a Halloween bingo session like our previous point and modify it up with a spooky storytelling session. Make the stories as scary or non-scary as we like to improve our speaking skill.


Halloween Event Ideas 27: It’s time to sing a song

Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

Halloween is just coming soon, and we have everything we need to delight our family in celebrating Halloween at home like a karaoke party. Do you know that singing together can reduce our stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins? That’s pretty right.

It’s time to have fun and invite your small group at your home if you want. Go encourage them to dress up as their favored musical artist. Besides, come up with award categories for costumes and vocal performances.


Halloween Event Ideas 28: Virtual UNICEF trick-or-treat


Watch the video here

The USA has launched a virtual trick-or-treat for UNICEF experience. Starting from this October, we can donate to UNICEF virtually while teaching children about the importance of asking and giving for help.

Here, the teachers, parents and children can register in an orange box. It is such a praiseworthy thing to participate in this event to earn “coins” that are impactful for their life-saving.

Three ways to keep your Halloween activities safe

What can we do to stay safe while celebrating Halloween with lower risk? To be sure, there are three simple steps we can take to protect ourselves from infection.

■ Wash your hand, often

Be sure to wash every part of our hands and fingers with soapy liquid and wash them for at least 20 seconds. If there is no sink near us, then use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

■ If you are not feeling better, stay home

If we have symptoms of the common cold or flu, we should absolutely stay home. In case we are insecure whether we get a suspect or not, call a doctor or visit public health nearby to take a rapid or swab test. Again, get plenty of sleep, eat a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, keep hydrated, and do exercises.

■ Wear a mask

If we leave the house, always wear a mask because we can’t predict whether they are a non-reactive person or not. Avoid a large mass of people like shopping centers or crowded places. Furthermore, don’t stop following our local government’s regulations as always.

To sum up

More importantly, this is the right time to share our beloved people with the importance of protecting themselves. It is not just themselves but others as well. The decisions we make on this moment can give a significant impact beyond our own families. Still, finding some Halloween event ideas can bring magical memories in this post-pandemic with reasonable safety.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. We have got a little piece of Halloween surprise for you. Click here to get it.