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An Interview: Our Most Favorite Presentation Template Creator

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Table of Contents

 “He is a design genius. He understands the core concept of branding and the recent trends in the market.” Fikri, RRGraph CO-Founder 

We interview Galang, a.k.a Galangosaurus, on how he managed to be the number 1 presentation template creator in 2019. Without saying much, he’s the mastermind behind RRGraph’s best-selling product in the marketplace. With his exceptional red-jumpsuit, this skinny man showing such kind of bold persistency both technically and creatively. He’s born in 1998, with that young age he can speak volumes, more notably on graphic design.


How do you define your style?

I, myself not really into minimalism concept. It is such a no-brainer design, where we merely do the adjustment on square kind of shape and do the greyscale color. Boring. Speaking of my fav fonts, I am going to say that I am a Helvetica savvy. Basically, it is a font made for Apple. It has clean looks, lightweight, and doesn’t have a tail. I am not into fonts with tails, like Serif Family. As for me, they are just too classic. We’ve reached the future, which means in general everybody needs futuristic design. So yeah, that’s what I am doing rather than being niche, I bet you also like the Apple User-Interface, right? I follow where everyone goes.


What’s your fav presentation template scope? Why though?

Creative. Without a doubt. Well, you know, I like exploring various shapes and scratching unique slides. Throughout the process of this particular scope, I won’t also be burdened with limitations. But, please put on your note that I always tried to avoid tackiness. Most of the time, people are flexing so hard to show off. They mix-and-match the color palette, do ugly fonts pairing, and use unimportant animation. Then there they way too far from their branding essential or let’s just say their fundamental theme. And that might lead to inconsistency.


How long do you usually make a single template?

2-3 weeks. I guess that’s the normal duration, not so quick and not so long.


Where’s your online and offline place to get inspiration?

Dribble, Behance, and sometimes Medium. Nothing’s extraordinary. Those are the common platforms for designers to do the research. On the offline sides, alias the real-life, I find inspiration everywhere. For instance, I watch people use e-money in their daily activities. Afterward, I start thinking why won’t I create a fin-tech concept presentation template?

By looking at that e-money application overlook, I just need to adopt its element. It’s pretty easy. If it’s using blue and grayish color, I am going to play with gradation, change the contrast a little bit. After all, I’ll look for the suitable vector and font, this namely process takes time a bit longer.


When do you get inspiration? Are you a morning or night person?

At night, when everyone asleep. I work with my laptop, sit quietly in my bedroom, whilst listening to some lo-fi. Sounds like a sad boy, hahaha. Nighttime is the best occasion for me because everything is so quiet, only me and my brain that won’t be quiet. My imagination continues to load, and eventually, it tires my body, in turn I can have a satisfactory sleep.

Meanwhile, at the office, I simply work on the finishing part. During that time, I listen to different stuff that follows my mood. You can find me randomly listen to some rock, metal, and hardcore. For instances:

Wait, why do I answer it with my music preference? Sorry, I ruined this interview, hahaha.


How many templates you’ve made in a year?

26. Not including the remake ones. Those are the templates I scratched from 0.


How’s your method to create them?

I give an extra effort on the research process. First thing first, my concept must finish before collecting the materials and assets. The concept includes the brand’s identity, color scheme, and also the unique slides’ feature, just like charts and infographics.

As I finish the research and complete my unique slides overlook, then the least will be so easy, since I know where to go and could see the finish line already.


What’s the difficult part of making a presentation template?

The cover. Slightly, it’s kind of child-play, those who never learn design in their life can possibly create the cover of presentation template in a jiffy. I am not exaggerating. Just give a large font and stunning background. That’s it. But, imagine when you have to do this stuffs every-single-day. It’ll be like doing a humdrum job. I mean, as a creative worker, it’s more important to keep innovating rather than doing a similar thing over and over again. That’s what makes this part pretty difficult.


What’s your favorite thing to do at the weekend?

Bicycling. I love riding my bicycle on Ijen Boulevard on Sunday, as it’s shifting into a car-free area. Sometimes, I do that along with the other coworkers (Shout out to Rizal and Fajar!). You might as well do that one day, really. Good for your health after some busy days at the office. I recommend it.

You maybe have known that I am a Manchester United fan too. Well, to be frank, I am a big fan of every football club that is wearing a red-color uniform. I don’t understand why, yet it feels so natural. Lastly, one less important thing just to let you know is: I frequently watch shit-post on the internet. Corny memes or poorly-recorded YouTube vlog. Those shallownesses can keep me sane, somehow.


What would you do in case you don’t do design?

It’s complicated. Probably I’ll just focus on my college, where I learn software engineering and kinds of stuff. Then there I’ll struggle to be the smartest student in the class, hahaha. This is a pretty hard thing to do since I am a full-time employee too. Nevertheless, I’ve become a design-maniac. Speaking of which, many people don’t know that design is all about solving things. So does the coding. Therefore, besides the graphical one, there’ll be a chance for me to spending time doing system software.


Any tips for a new designer?

I don’t know. I believe every person has a different practical approach. But, once I get the opportunity to supervise, or if you were my student, I’ll show you by example. Hmmm, how to say it? Teaching by giving the example? I guess that’s a suitable phrase to describe. Especially, nowadays we’re surrounded by lots of instruments and technology that always ready to help. There’s Google, YouTube, and anything on the internet you could name. Needless to say, you don’t really need neither teacher nor whosoever to show you how to make things done.

Back then, I learned graphic design by autodidact. Nobody gives me a fast-track. Hence, I guess I don’t have a particular tip for a new learner but to stay hungry on knowledge and be open-minded.


Can you name the ugliest template you’ve ever made?

Roar. Hearing that name makes me want to vomit, hahaha. Pardon, that’s the very-first presentation template I created back in 2018. The concept is outdoor and wild-life. It was popped in my mind and I directly managed to scratch it. What a silly act. On top of it, the first attempt to create something is always so horrible. I’ll give you the paper bag and see it yourself right here, I don’t want to talk about it any further, next question?

Unfortunately, that’s our last question. To end this article,  we’ve pick Galangosaurus top-3 presentation templates you can download: 


Most presentation template uses formal fonts, yet Doodle uses handwriting font that still readable and effective. It’s good for creative business purposes, such as education, course, and anything else related to creativity. It contains 80 creative slides, 10 premade color-schemes, dark-and-light background options, and amazing motion animation that will bring your presentation to the next level.


It is a creative presentation template made for e-commerce and fin-tech industry. It’s great for business presentation, pitch deck, seminar, etc. Pocketo is compiled with stunning animation, clever look line-arts, and easy to edit infographic diagrams for authentic data. Packed in customizable 64+ slides and 10+ color schemes, Pocketo also has 60+ editable vector icons.


Cryptos is a digital asset presentation template with modern and professional looks. Suited for cryptocurrency some sort of pitch-deck, it provides an ease for your business presentation, and make your presentation professional in minutes.