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How to Hide Slides in PowerPoint?

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Table of Contents

What will you do if there is a slide that you do not want to show, but still you need to use it later? Here are the steps to hide slides in PowerPoint without delete them. This is very useful for you if you want to do a presentation but you have some slides that may unnecessary to be displayed.

 How to hide slides in PowerPoint? 

Open your PowerPoint file.

Since you wish to hide a slide, it is assumed that you already have a PowerPoint presentation created. Find your file and open it.

Pick the slide you want to hide.

How to Hide Slides in PowerPoint? On the left side of your screen, you will see your slides list. Click one you want to hide. Afterwards, a box will appear around that slide.

Click “Slide Show” bar.

How to Hide Slides in PowerPoint? From the bar, select “Slide Show” tab. This tab controls everything with how the presentation might be presented.

Click “Hide Slide”.

From the options within “Slide Show” tab, find and click “Hide Slide” button. That option must be located close to the top of the PowerPoint top bar. There will be a slash on the slide you hide. Congratulations! Now you know how to hide slides in PowerPoint!

How to re-hide my slide?

How to Hide Slides in PowerPoint? If you want to show your hidden slide, just click the same button again. Easy peasy lemon squeeze, right?

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