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Belgian Fries Presentation

The Belgian Fry is a concept of two enthusiastic Belgian brothers with only one goal in mind: Serving QUALITY. The Belgian Fry absolutely uses the best products and continues to enhance the strict demands for product quality. The Belgian Fry has its own, unique recipe for the most delicious Belgian fries. The Belgian Fry uses a strain of potatoes which is perfectly suited for frying potatoes.

Brighten up your next project with minimalistic food presentation that were made with love and passion. Great for your presentations and other projects. You can easily change the color, gloss, and other layers specifically for your brand guidelines. The pack includes many easily customizable.


Brief and design

The Belgian Fry brought a presentation about the company’s mainstay food products and menus. So, the chosen design should be fun and attractive. The choice of red color is very suitable for the concept of food design and any product about food.

Modern, Creative

Before and after showcase

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After design