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Terms and Condition

RRGraph Referral


RRGraph Referral Program where an referer can make an extra 20% bonus on each new referred friend usage earnings for a whole year! The new user will also receive an additional 10% bonus on usage earnings for their first order.

Terms and Condition

  1. RRGraph will communicate with you regarding the Refer-a-Friend program by email after you fill registration form to be a user and referal member.

  2. An existing user can refer a friend to be new user to RRGraph with a unique Referral code provided by RRGraph staff.

  3. We pay 20% bonus on usage earnings to the person who referred the new user and also 10% bonus on usage earnings to the new user for a period of 12 months.

  4. New user must insert a unique Refferal code from referrer for their order to our platform to get 10% discount.

  5. The new user that you send the referral to has 30 days after receiving the referral code to claim the offer.

  6. The 12 months payment cycle starts on the first calendar month in which the referrer is register.

  7. There is no limit the number of new user that the referer wants to refer to RRGraph.

Definitions. For purposes of these Reffereal Program, the following terms will have the indicated definitions:

  1. “User”, “Referrer” means you after become RRGraph Refferal Program, and be refferal member.

  2. “New User” means your referral friend, using your referral code to order.

  3. “Refferal Code” means 6 combine of number and alphabet from RRGraph staff after you become our partner, receive it by email confirmation.

  4. “Our Platform” means service website available at https://www.rrgraphdesign.com/services/

  5. “Registration Form” means all form or signup submited by you to be refferal member.

  6. “Payment cycle” means frequancy RRGraph to pay referral member, it could be a month or determining when user withdrawn the balance.
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