Presidential Peanuts Project Showcase

This presentation has an NFT theme. The style used uses a lot of strange, metaphorical, and unique character illustrations. The colors that are carried must also be attractive and colorful.

Thomas McKinless

Founder & CEO of Logo.Inc

Tentang perusahaan

The Presidential Peanuts is a genesis collection of 4,444 eclectic NFTs on the Solana blockchain, all racing to win the first presidential election in the metaverse! Driven by an immersive experience and a mixed bag of utilities, it also comes entirely customizableā€”revolutionizing the minting game forever. Holders will benefit from DAO governance, profit-sharing, cracking giveaways, and more!

Tentang desain

Let’s start with NFT, a project where we worked on both for the presentation concept art for the actual game – tiles, towers, environment, and UI. This is our designerā€™s exploration about NFT design and monster illustrations.

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