Using The Slides

in PowerPoint Tutorial on August 14, 2019

Add or Replace Image in Placeholder

Add Image #1

  1. Click the image icon in the placeholder
  2. Choose picture
  3. Click insert

Add Image #2

  1. Drag the picture from your folder into the image placeholder

Replace Image

  1. Delete the previous picture, add a new image
  2. Or right-click the previous image, choose change picture

Add Image (Under Shade Layer)

  1. Click the image icon in the placeholder
  2. Choose ‘picture’, click insert
  3. Right-click the image, choose ‘send to back’

Fix Your Distorted Image with Crop Tool

  1. Click the image
  2. Click Format tab
  3. Choose Crop, then adjust your image

Change Default Icons

Change Icons

  1. Open icon pack files in template folder/theme files/icon pack.ppt or .key
  2. Select and Copy the icon you want
  3. Go to your presentation template
  4. Click the icon you want to replace and delete it
  5. Paste and adjust the icons to the place

Change Icons Color

  1. Right-click the icon>click format shape
  2. Choose ‘shape fill’
  3. Choose the color you want

Use Available Template Layout

  1. Click Insert tab
  2. Choose New slide (the arrow under ‘new slide’)

Apply Template Premade Colors

  1. Click design tab
  2. Click variants dropdown
  1. Choose color
  2. Apply the color scheme under the template name, or any color scheme you want!

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