Permira Fashion Market Presentation

Permira is a global investment firm that multiplies the potential of companies, leaders and our own people to build successful businesses with sustainable growth ambitions. The sector expertise, thematic approach, value-based investment philosophy and commitment to partnership help us drive long-term value and transform businesses into market leaders. Did you know you can pay a […]

Presidental Peanuts NFT Presentation

RRGraph Design

The Presidential Peanuts is a genesis collection of 4,444 eclectic NFTs on the Solana blockchain, all racing to win the first presidential election in the metaverse! Driven by an immersive experience and a mixed bag of utilities, it also comes entirely customizable—revolutionizing the minting game forever. Holders will benefit from DAO governance, profit-sharing, cracking giveaways, […]

Green Owl Real Estate Presentation

RRGraph Design

Green Owl Real Estate is a commercial retail real estate brokerage and advisory focused accross the USA and based in New York City. For this concept, we chose the light and grey color palette and accented the main UI elements with minimalist. Such a color palette doesn’t distract audiences from observing the building photos. Using […]

Belgian Fries Presentation

RRGraph Design

The Belgian Fry is a concept of two enthusiastic Belgian brothers with only one goal in mind: Serving QUALITY. The Belgian Fry absolutely uses the best products and continues to enhance the strict demands for product quality. The Belgian Fry has its own, unique recipe for the most delicious Belgian fries. The Belgian Fry uses […]

Strategic Email Marketing Automations and Campaigns

RRGraph Design

FlowCandy is a full-service, done-for-you retention marketing agency that plans, creates, and launches your email & SMS marketing initiatives. FlowCandy takes care of retention so that you can grow profitably. When a marketing plan needs to cause an impact, we can use this style. We will see instantly how appealing the color details are when […]

Jolera Project Showcase

RRGraph Portfolio

Jolera offers MSPs & IT solution providers next-generation managed services, enabling them to create world-class experiences for their clients. Jolera provides award-winning solutions built on over 20 years of experience servicing businesses worldwide. The presentation presented by Jolera emphasizes more information, so our designers took the initiative to provide lots of text sections and bullet […]