What’s in: What Virtual Reality (VR) can do in Presentation

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According to data collected by Statista, 43 million people on Earth are active users of virtual reality (VR). Recently, VR has become a commanding force in our lives – from the announcement of a new laptop on the market utilizing the function to the beginning of VR games that evolved so fast. The question is…What things to do with VR in presentation?? That is something we’d like to answer here. We’ve analyzed 3 different parts of a presentation that could be impacted by VR devices. VR could really change and improve your;


Activity Breaks


During your presentation session, you most likely spread out some interactive elements and group or individual activities to keep your audience engaged on a specific point. Imagine the transformation your planned activities could go through with virtual reality tools. You could use 5 or 10 minutes of time in between sections of your presentation to demonstrate the difference between a reality with your product or service and a reality with a competitor’s product or service. This method would work best for smaller groups.




For bigger groups, you could use virtual reality to set a scene at the beginning of your presentation. Pass around 2 or 3 VR devices about 15-20 minutes prior to your presentation and encourage attendees to look at. Use this to establish a scene before you even start talking. This could cut time on scene development and allow you to cut directly to the 3 most important points that you want to cover in your presentation.




In the future, you could use virtual reality to confirm claims you or your company makes in sales and marketing material. By essentially allowing potential customers or clients to experience a product or service before buying it, you can increase need and guide purchasing decisions.

To be improved, we must follow what future technology stream lead us to. But that doesn’t mean we have to embrace them all, just pick some that can improve ourselves and our business.


source: www.ethos3.com

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