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Vintage Fashion Presentation Template: Passionne

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Table of Contents

This vintage fashion presentation template helps you to present your fashion company, hence it is called Passionne. It has creative and elegant layouts, which totally suitable for all types of fashion made by your fashion company.

vintage fashion presentation template


Made with light and dark version, this vintage fashion presentation template can bring a different impression. You will meet colors that are very unique and you have never met before. With unique colors, your audience will feel interested, especially with the fashion you’re presenting. You can match the colors of fashion with a color scheme that suits your favorite, and the most suitable. Don’t worry, the color scheme is very good, so you don’t need to confuse it.

Soft colors will accentuate an elegant impression. Just like with this template, this template shows templates that are very elegant. However, you can choose another color to create another impression, masculine, cool, etc. You will also find a different font than usual. Vintage serif fonts also add elegance to the passion template. With an elegant impression of this template, it will also create an impression on the fashion that you create, namely, elegant, cool, and other things.

vintage fashion presentation template

The availability of many image layouts will help you display your photos or fashion designs with a unique and creative look. All sides are very interesting. Every fashion excellence you have to display is great so that the more prominent images and designs you will present. The image display is modified differently, different placements and different models. There is one image in a slide, two images in a slide, three images in slides, and so on, and there are also those that are formed to be transparent so that on top of them is a written text. The difference in layout image makes the creative side and will be a good impression for your fashion company.

Features of this vintage fashion presentation template

Passionne provides 57 unique and professional slides that will help you, which includes slide covers, introduction to your company slides, slide about your fashion company, paragraph templates, you can present about your fashion outfit, your style expert, the founder of your company, gallery of your fashion company, testimony of your client, your website, mockup, infographic, the chart, your social media, smartphone and smartwatch mockups, maps, contact, and more. Very complete to present about your fashion company, the dress, outwear, accessories, and other things.

What’s more, you will get an icon pack! Icon pack is a very important thing in a presentation. Icons pack in the passion presentation template really helps you in presenting a fashion company. No need to look for an icon pack, because this icon pack fits with your needs, fits with your fashion company needs.

Presenting about the development of your company, the development of social media through an infographic, the development of product sales, the expansion of partners and clients, and others that you can present with an infographic, those stuff can be done just with this template.

Moreover, you will get a plus feature that is very complete with this template. Special 10 extra color schemes, unlimited color options, break slides section, editable icons, editable infographics, drag and drop images, layouts master slides, light and dark versions, and more that you can enjoy when using this template to present your vintage fashion company.

vintage fashion presentation template

Perfect design, awesome layout, complete features, creative infographic, is the best combination you ever meet. Passion presentation is perfect if used to present your fashion business that has feminine fashion design, you can use it for other fashion businesses that you want to bring out elegance from the fashion design that you make. Templates that are elegant and have many functions. You can present your business in full with the features provided by this template. Do your best in developing your fashion company, keep learning, and use this template to expand your fashion company network!