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6 Tools to Help You Creating PowerPoint Color Schemes (FOR BEGINNERS)

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Table of Contents

Finding a perfect color combination is challenging, especially in the range of what color that matches your presentation topic. You can find many inspiring PowerPoint color schemes in the realm of the internet, but why not making your own? It can increase your creative knowledge and skills. And yet, you get to take a look this essentials concept:

Make the design-friendly for the colorblind

Designers almost always forget about the colorblind when using colors in a design and often disregard how much it affects the concept of a business. You can learn 9 main color wheel rules: primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, intermediate colors, complementary colors, monochromatic colors, analogous colors, triadic colors, and tetradic colors. Knowing each rule can help comprehend the importance of each to color theory. Knowing how color theory is more or less the art or science of combining multiple colors and our perception of those colors is invaluable. Putting colors together is definitely a skill in itself because the potential combinations are endless.

Find a color that represents your brand

Use a color scheme that matches a topic you want to present. For example, if your topic is business, use a bold and strong color ride red or blue. Savvy marketers and business owners know the importance of color on branding. Colors hold their own special meaning and significance and they have the power to evoke emotions. Creative marketing uses the emotions of consumers to sell their product or service successfully. Using color as a tool to do so is a quick and inexpensive way to carry the right message. As outlined in the section above, every color carries its own meaning. As a business owner or marketer, use this to your advantage.

Make sure that you have mastered them. Now, let’s move to 6 tools to help you creating PowerPoint color schemes:


1. Coolors

Tools to Help You Creating PowerPoint Color Schemes Coolors is a quick and instant color scheme generator that instantly great color scheme you can use for your PowerPoint presentation. No need for a designer expert experience. You can explore the color scheme, capture it, and use it for your presentation.


2. Colordot

By using Colordot, you can easily pick a color based on your instinct. To get started, simply move your mouse around until you find a color you like. Left-click in the color to keep it. Note: you can click as many colors you want.


3. Canva’s Color Theory

Tools to Help You Creating PowerPoint Color Schemes

Seeing another artist perfectly combines colors for their designs sometimes makes us wonder, how? How they can do that? The answer is, they use color theory. Color theory is a practical combination of art and science that’s used to determine what colors look good together. In color theory, there are four kinds of color combinations, such as; complementary, monochromatic, analogous, triadic, and tetradic. Each combination has a different color feels.

That sounds like a complicated process, right? Well, Canva’s Color Theory will do that thing for you. You just need to choose the primary color and choose the combination you want, then Canva’s Color Theory will show you a color scheme that you desire. As simple as that!


4. Colourcode

Colourcode works the same way as Colordot. What makes it different is it has options like choosing color combination mood instantly, like monochrome, analog, triad, quad, and another style you want.


5. Palettr

Tools to Help You Creating PowerPoint Color Schemes Palettr is different from other generators. Despite choosing color manually, this tool allows you to generate a color scheme by inserting a picture, like autumn, specific place, or situation.


6. Material Design Palette

Tools to Help You Creating PowerPoint Color Schemes If you’re planning to make a PowerPoint design based on material design, this color palette generator will come in handy. Once you pick two colors as your primary and secondary, Material Design Palette will give you a live preview of how the colors will look like in a real-life design. Then, you can download the color palette as CSS, SVG, SASS, LESS, PNG, and more.

We hope that the “6 Tools to Help You Creating PowerPoint Color Schemes” list helps! And don’t forget to keep updated on the presentation trend. You can browse our presentation gallery to find inspiration. See how we use colors and learn from them. Keep experimenting!