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What are the Key Components of a Landing Page Design?

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Table of Contents

What are the key components of a Landing Page design? If you want to design great landing pages and by that, I mean landing page design that actually converts then you are going to have to use these five essential things that we’re going to break down in this article including examples.


The definition of a landing page

The difference between a landing page and just a normal website is that a landing page is usually a page where you directly send traffic to because you want to convert or achieve something like sign up, you want them to buy and usually, you bring people in from either ad or you have some kind of a funnel that drive traffic into this page.


The 5 key components of a landing page design

This is not your normal website where you’re showing everything.  This is a specific page with a specific goal. Now in this goal, if you want to make sure that people convert to the action that you want then you’re going to have to use five elements on this page.


1. Value Proposition

The first one is to have a clear value proposition. You have to explain to people, what’s in it for them. If this is not clear and powerful they’re going to just move on to the next thing so clear value proposition.


2. Call-To-Action

The next thing is you obviously need a strong call to action. You need to tell them what to do, for example, click here, sign up, or leave your email. If you’re not clear and upfront and you do not tell them what you want them to do then most likely this thing is not going to happen so you’re going to have a clear call to action.


3. Maintain Attention

The third thing is, you need to keep them focused. People lose attention if you’re going to show them everything that you have. If you’re going to tell them all the tiny little details, you’re going to lose them. On landing pages, we’re keeping people focused by limiting a lot of stuff.


4. Visuals

The fourth thing that we’re talking about is the visuals. You always want to show users some kind of an image and that image is hopefully is going to explain to them what they are going to get or what are they signing up for. So, it has to be a clear image, however, it’s also great if that image can also invoke emotion that would lead to them taking actual action.


5. Social Proof

The fifth thing that you’ll need on your landing page design is probably some social proof and by social briefI mean, show an example of other people who else is using it. We as people believed that if a lot of other people have used this or bought this thing then you know then it’s probably a good thing.


We should actually try this and by adding either logos, numbers, testimonials, or something like what is called social proof on a website. It’s going to increase the likelihood of people actually taking action. So, let’s see some landing page design and see how these elements come into play in different landing pages.


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Example 1: Shopify

Let’s start with Shopify now.

What are the Key Components of a Landing Page Design?

Please note this is a Shopify and this is not shopify.com, this is shopify.com/free-trial.

This is probably where they’re sending people from ads into. This is not the whole Shopify website. We talked about focus and there is no navigation and other pages here because this is a very focused page.

What are the Key Components of a Landing Page Design?

This line is a very clear value proposition.

You know what they do and you know why you want to do this. If you want to sell online then this is your solution.

What are the Key Components of a Landing Page Design?

One example of social proof in a landing page.

Then the next line is trusted by over 1 million businesses worldwide. Remember we talked about social proof, here it is in the big kind of subject.

What are the Key Components of a Landing Page Design?

Email subscription is the core part and a starting point for any email marketing strategy.


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Then what we have here is to leave your email and start your free trial.  A clear call to action with an image here. What do we see in the image? So we see kind of a shop, some analytics, graphs, and a shopping cart so we know this is an e-commerce website.

So basically, they’re saying that if you want a great eCommerce website then sign up with us. If you scroll then you will see some benefits, features, and logos, this is called social proof.


Example 2: Webflow

So, the next one is for Webflow.

What are the Key Components of a Landing Page Design?

Build better business websites faster without coding.


Now, this is actually their own website which includes a lot of stuff but if we break down just the top of the website, note there is no navigation actually we don’t see any of the other pages. We just see get started a call to action.

Their value proposition is to break the code barrier and they explain it at the bottom of a value proposition. In the visual, they’re showing you how they’re building a website, a little bit of the UI, and then lots of logos of big companies that you know.

So again, clear focused, value proposition, call to action, and social proof. Now if you keep scrolling, then you are actually going to move in a kind of to the normal website where you’ll see a lot of other stuff but if you break down the top of the website was built to be kind of a landing page experience.


Example 3: Netflix

The next one is Netflix, which again is actually netflix.com, This is the main one but they’re treating it as a landing page so again no navigation at the top.

What are the Key Components of a Landing Page Design?

Then we have the value proposition.

And then big kind of subscription section where will give our email and try it for Netflix price and in the background, we see the image which basically shows you the grid of a lot of movies and series.

At the bottom, you will see the FAQ section which will help them kind of sell. They do not use social proof on this page but perhaps just because Netflix is so big they don’t feel like they need social proof at this point. But they did build it as a high converting landing page.


The last touch

We hope that those 5 key components of a landing page design are very useful for you and you’re going to note these five elements and use them in the design of your next web design project.

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This article is written by Ramzan. He is a digital marketer and is a freelancer for over seven years and also he has a blog called Itstechable where he writes articles about SEO, Freelancing, and Web design.