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Tech and Startup PowerPoint Templates for Pitching

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Tech and Startup PowerPoint Templates can help you in this 4.0 era. Technology is very much needed in the development of various life sectors, such as agriculture, economics, business, fishery, and others. Then technology must be widely disseminated and marketed to help in the development of every industry. Here take a look at our best pick tech and startup PowerPoint templates you can download right away.


Droneva Tech PowerPoint Template

tech and startup powerpoint templates

Droneva is a presentation template that is perfect for introducing drone technology to your business, so it’s called Droneva. However, it will still be suitable if you want to present other technology products. Drenova is a tech PowerPoint with a creative minimalist style. Adding a shape with a creative touch makes this template look attractive, not boring, but still looks professional.

It has 55+ unique slides with full features that provide image slides, slides that can display features from your technology, teams in your business, mockups, swot analysis, infographic slides, section slides, and others. It also has light and dark versions and color schemes that will make you happy with a lot of interesting color choices, so your presentation will look professional and amazing. You will also get vector icons by buying this template. So, grab this template as soon as possible for displaying your drone product or technology!


Elexagon Startup PowerPoint Template

Are you searching for an elegant and professional template? Elexagon is the template you are looking for. Very suitable for a formal presentation. This template is to present your business startup. You will be increasingly helped because this template consists of slides that you need to present all aspects of your business, such as your service, your business plan, agenda, your mission, your timeline, and many slides that will help you.

Elegance makes your presentation look luxurious and stunning. You can use Elexagon template presentation displayed about your business and your technology. At the beginning of the creation of this template, we focused on real use, readability, and meaningful slides. This template comes with professional slides, creative layouts, fully editable vector elements, image placeholders, amazing animation, and others.


The Beginning Startup PowerPoint Template

tech and startup powerpoint templates

This one is a professionally designed template to display your presentation business. You will never be disappointed if you use the beginning presentation template to display your business. It has a creative style that makes your audience enthusiastic and focuses on your presentation. In addition, this modern template will make your presentation looks cool. Also featuring a dynamic use of geometry to engage the viewer, to make your presentation look perfect.

Not only visually, but the beginning presentation template also provides many slides that support you to present your business, such as introduction, your team business, your pricing plan, your business special event, gallery image, business special image gallery, about your special feature at your business, data analysis, mockup, infographic, map, and others. All slides managed with a professional design that will make it attractive and eye-catching. If you think about how to get the corporate look that wins over everyone in the audience, The beginning shows how the templates are done to rise to the occasion.


Initiative Startup PowerPoint Template

These days, business is very attached to society. You will have many competitors in running your business. In this role, PowerPoint templates are very important to help you. You also have to choose an attractive PowerPoint. If your presentation doesn’t have an attractive design, your client or your business partner won’t stay. The initiative template presentation has a creative attractive style that will make your audience surprised by its creative design.

Besides attractive design, this template has amazing animation. The initiative template presentation design has been completed if you will display your business. You don’t need to worry about editing this template, this template will be very easy to customize. You don’t need to be confused if you will do a presentation business, just download this template and edit as you want.


Voltage Tech PowerPoint Template

tech and startup powerpoint templates

Modern and creative minimalist style is a combination that is the current trend of tech and startup powerpoint templates. We created this template with the main purpose of creating templates that only express the most important and necessary elements of business by removing excessive components. However, this does not make this template very lacking, you will get a complete feature from minimalist design.

Voltage presentation templates have complete features. Introduction slides, your business services, special feature lists, special pricing plans, testimonials, slide placeholders, pricing plans, time tables, your team, swot analysis, infographic slides, slide charts, data reports, mockups, maps, and others. You will be surprised if you have downloaded this template, you will get a complete feature with an amazing design. So, let’s use this template for your presentation.


Breakthrough Startup PowerPoint Template

Professionalism and elegance are the first things that come to mind when looking at this template. Breakthrough, professional presentation templates will make your business look very professional. This presentation is suitable if you are going to present it to a large client and in a very formal event. Your presentation will be outstanding. A breakthrough template is one of these templates that doesn’t have many creative component designs because designers want to make this template clean. So the presentation looks bold and professional.
The features contained in the breakthrough will help you present your business.

Features in the breakthrough presentation template, there are your mission business slides, slide business plans, your product slides, portfolio slides, business slide features, slide charts, swot analysis, testimonial slides, business plans, infographics, mockup, and others. You can also choose to use the light version or the dark version as you want. So, what are you waiting for? Just download, and customize the presentation using data about your business. You will be a professional businessman with this presentation.


Convey Startup PowerPoint Template

tech and startup powerpoint templates

The gradients we identify as beautiful are similar to what we see in nature
. Conversely, a combination of colors our eyes have never seen before would rightly evoke feelings of discomfort and unease. The Convey presentation template presents several color gradients that will make this template look beautiful. A beautiful template will make your presentation look fancy. The combination of geometry makes it look simple but still modern. This template is very refreshing to the eye. You will get a lot of audience interest by using this template. Convey presentation templates have a special packaged available, in which there are many features, namely introduction, picture slides, feature slides, business teams, testimonials, slide breaks, picture timelines, swot analysis, charts, and infographics. Isn’t it very complete? You will save a lot of time!

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Choose one of the tech and startup PowerPoint templates above that suit your business. Hopefully, those can amaze your audience on the presentation you deliver. Act what you believe to make your business broad and professional, with getting your presentation business to the next level with us!