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SWOT Analysis in PowerPoint Presentation Design, More than Just Tips

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SWOT analysis

Table of Contents

SWOT analysis is a must-have section in presentations to highlight the current market dynamics. It helps small companies to reach their potential market and dig up the capability of bigger competitors they want to tackle. In that so-called entrepreneur world, a company’s owner is challenged to make a holistic analysis of the company’s characteristics and the needs of their own business.

Then there, they need room to analyze their business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. One of the key tools for it is known as the SWOT analysis, which can turn imperfection into somewhat benefits.


What are the components of SWOT analysis?

What makes SWOT analysis captivating is that this approach helps a business in detecting the strengths and weaknesses structurally. SWOT can translate them become opportunities while keeping an eye out for external threats to the business. So, it can be said that the ultimate goals of a SWOT analysis are to recognize and share out big parameters that could unfavorably impact the capability to one of the four categories, providing a goal, and taking an in-depth study at a particular business.

That is why SWOT should be put inside the section of the business presentation. The use of SWOT scheme on presentation evaluates a corporate benchmark into the broader perspectives that impact the business’ achievement by splitting its value as follows:

1. Strengths

This component will help to identify the core competencies of the business. Apart from that, it will establish what qualities to focus on and pitch to the target audiences.

Questions to consider:

▪ What is your company’s achievement?

▪ What expert knowledge does your company have in the current business environment?

Influential aspects:

Strengths can be your entrepreneurial skills, high clientele, best prices, varied products, or guaranteed quality.

2. Weaknesses

This component will help to identify the areas of improvement of the business. This including the internal issues that one business’ needs to overcome.

Questions to consider:

▪ In what areas do you require to improve?

▪ What kind of sources do you lack?

Influential aspects:

The company’s weakness can be insufficient supply channels, lack of management existence, imperfect know-how, innovation deficiency, and poor physical area.

3. Opportunities

It will help to identify the areas where one can focus on profit improvement by looking at the strengths. Similarly, it would be useful after one overcoming its weaknesses, which leads to some new opportunities.

Questions to consider:

▪ Are there any new market trends you can work on?

▪ Are there new target audiences potentially to reach?

Influential aspects:

Opportunities could include market development, technology and lifestyle alterations, social patterns, and so on.

4. Threats

This one is about environmental factors that can hamper a business’s performance. Threats commonly come out of nowhere and hence should be identified.

Questions to consider:

▪ Do you have any potential competitors who may access your market?

▪ Are there market trends that tend to become a threat?

Influential aspects:

Risks can be the change in consumer choice, competitive pricing, economic uncertainty or inflation, financial downturns, expanded government regulation, and much more.


Why is SWOT analysis so important for business?

SWOT analysis for business

SWOT analysis can help a business to identify problems from any factors.

What makes a SWOT analysis useful is more than just those four components. From our point of views, here are its neglected importances:

1. SWOT analysis will give enlightenment on whether the business is in good health or not.

2. It comes to know either internal or external factors may impact its success or failure.

3. Helping for the establishment to know possible threats from the competitors.

4. It can evaluate your business environment in a detailed manner before taking future action.

A newcomer in business is recommended to use a SWOT analysis as part of their strategy. It is impossible to say “one size fits all” in planning for your business, and re-thinking about new business in terms of “SWOTs” can put you in a positive direction and avoid you from a lot of headaches later on.


How to create an outstanding SWOT analysis design?

Last but not least, here we have additional guides to create an outstanding SWOT analysis in PowerPoint presentation:

1. SWOTs as the replacement of ordinary bullet points

Click here to download the template.

Make the audience interested in the first-sight of your presentation scheme without ordinary bullet points. Do you really want to make your audiences more confused about the points? Stop doing it! You can look at some ready-to-use templates that provide SWOT analysis.

2. Play and combine colors

SWOT analysis colorful

Click here to download the template.

“Color scheme plays an attractive role in data visualization. Make sure that chosen shades combine well with each other. Otherwise, your presentation will look unattractive.” – said Hughes, a content editor at GetGoodGrade. Find tools to create your top-notch color schemes for your design.

3. Choose background and font wisely

Click here to download the template.

If you want to make your presentation look classy and incredible, you can choose a background color aside from white and make sure that the chosen font is readable.

4. Use flower diagram

Click here to download the template.

If you want to conduct a SWOT analysis related to your presentation, you could use the flower diagram template. It will get easier to explain how your company will take its internal sources to defeat external obstacles and grasp the changes.

5. Break SWOT analysis into four separate slides

SWOT analysis

Click here to download the template.

According to Thompson, “The worst thing you can do is to compel your SWOT analysis slide with tons of information. It will confuse your audience, and you will achieve useless results. If you need more space to add text, you should better include a few extra slides.” – A digital marketer at Canada-Writers.

Hopefully, those simple design tips help you to make more accessible and enjoyable SWOT contents. You can look at more examples of elegant business and marketing slide decks with SWOT sections here.



SWOT Analysis is the most powerful tool to analyze the company’s situation in the current business environment. It helps a lot in focusing on the strengths, wipe out the weaknesses, find the most opportunities, and decrease the potential threats. Be precise when applying your analysis, and try to make it measurable and reasonable.