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Surface – Creative Minimalist Clean StartUp Pitch Deck Template

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Table of Contents

Every design character in the presentation template will greatly affect the business and the impression that the audience creates. The Surface presentation template is are clean, minimalist, colorful, have a lot of scope in business, especially startup and digital pitch deck. Clean, minimalist is a template that is sought after by business people. A clean template will greatly highlight the contents of the material presented about your business.

startup pitch deck template


The template is clean but has colorful colors. These colors are presented very neatly and creatively in the surface presentation template. Good color placement, so this clean template is still clean, light to be seen as heavy as any of your material. With good color placement, making the template look very light, minimalist, clean, but still makes it vibrant with its colorful colors. Colorful has a pleasant impression but still elegant and still suitable for your startup pitch deck template.

startup pitch deck template

The font used in this startup pitch deck template is also very suitable. Fonts that look very attractive, light, and nice to see. In accordance with the impression of the design template. Fonts are also very supportive and add to the impression that it is very interesting, easy to accept, and nice to see. Don’t worry when you will present a lot of material. Many elements and designs in the template also give an attractive, elegant, colorful and professional impression.




80 clean slides of surface startup pitch deck template, many slides, complete and have many benefits. Surface presentation templates provide many features such as drag and drop image, 10 color schemes, vector elements, calendar, widescreen and normal screen, the pack included an icon, XML color theme, free font used, and many more. You will also get a number of slides which include slides, introduction sections, about your business, financial statements. You also get smartphone mockup, swot analysis, timeline, project, and more.



10 color variations that really refresh the eyes, bright, and pleasant. Coupled with a modern icon pack. Modern icon pack that is very complete and very suitable for your business presentation. You get special and many icon packs. Icon packs will be very helpful in business presentations, helping when summarizing a word using the icon pack. Icon pack also makes your presentation more concise and clear. You will save your time because you no longer need to search for icon packs.

Beautiful infographic, charts, and diagrams are very pleasing to the eye, simple but still purposed. You will have funnel diagrams, target diagrams, matrix infographics, simply timelines, process infographics, financial statements, rising income charts, business takes diagrams and more. Beautifully packaged, simple, but still has many benefits. This is very necessary for your presentation template to help you to present your business data beautifully, simply and eye-catching.

startup pitch deck template

Everything in this template has the advantages of creating the perfect template with the perfect mix. Clean and minimalist design combined with colorful colors that are very neatly placed, so it looks fun but still professional. Complete and special features and give you the opportunity to present through slides with creative and many layouting, it will not make you confuse to look for layouts that match your material. Surface presentation templates, with complete features, creative layouts, and perfect designs that will make your business with a creative and professional look!


PPT version   Keynote version