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RRGraph Wrapped Journal 2020

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Table of Contents

RRGraph Wrapped Journal 2020


Wrapped Journal 2020: Better Us, Better You

It’s hard to believe, we will all say goodbye to 2020, and we will dive into the new decade. Then, what does that mean? Absolutely, it’s time to take lessons from the past and move forward into 2021 with big dreams.

If you look at this 2020 journal, you will also know how we plan this whole thing. We could say it’s not an easy action. It takes a lot of heads involved. That’s why we decided to try something new for this 2020 journal. We want to be more open to all of you about who we really are. Even though we have several published journals, of course, this one will be different and come back with the motto “Better Us, Better You.” After a full year of struggling with planning, we want to create our wrapped journal nicely. We give our wrapped journal with a lot of spotlights and memorable things.

Allow us to share our 2020 wrapped journal. We are ready to go!

RRGraph Wrapped Journal 2020

RRGraph Design: Presentation Design Agency


Wrapped Journal 2020: Products of the Year

What items? Exactly, the thousands of presentation templates. We create templates every day, and we don’t feel like that we have produced more than 3000 templates. That’s crazy! We have more than 20 designers. How come only 20 designers can produce that much? Maybe they have a Thanos ability that can flick his fingers at once. Who knows.

From the thousands of templates we have, there are 5 best items selected by our client:

1. In Games Template

RRGraph Wrapped Journal 2020

Download the template here

This template was created by Bayu and Yoga, our awe-inspiring designers, with million ideas in their heads. They’re like the brains of all the designers here. When Bayu was interviewed, he explained the reason this template made. Bayu said, “We need something a little bit extreme by giving a touch of color that most people might be afraid to experiment.” He wanted to try something totally different. In the end, it’s about making something memorable and looks professional without ignoring the essence of the presentation, even with a striking color.”

Secondly, to make this template more alive, they also gave a motion design to it. “We also want to bomb the brand-sell, so we play hard with strong colors and motion,” added Bayu. That’s how the story behind this ‘3 in 1 sports template’ was made. Interesting!

2. Gradient Template

RRGraph Wrapped Journal 2020

Download the template here

There is a template called Gradient. Again, Bayu and Yoga created this. One day, Yoga found one poster on Behance. He said that the poster has holographic colors and a technological vibe. “The color is so impressive, so we want to apply it to a presentation template,” said Bayu. Not surprisingly, their good visual sense is real. They did their best. This template is now successful in attracting the clients’ attention around the world.

Besides, it’s not easy to make a gradient style. We must be careful at combining colors. Or if not, it becomes tacky. “Not all designs are fit with gradient colors; it is complicated actually,” said him during an interview.

3. Smart Deck Template

RRGraph Wrapped Journal 2020

Download the template here

We think that Bayu deserves an Awards Trophy. His own template is in the top 5, Smart Deck. This template is an educational-themed template that is suitable for any scholarly material and business. When we ask him about his difficulties, he answered, “It is quite complex to combine 3 different scopes but still 1 group.” Indeed, this template has 3 different education levels starting from elementary school, high school, and college. Each level must have different elements, colors, and characters. You can imagine the complexity of it, right?

“If I separate them into three parts, it’s very not efficient.” He looks for solutions by making general themes. This template is similar to In Games Creative, which consists of three scopes in 1 slide. In his exploration, Bayu formulated different color compositions and elements to create a fun style until a professional look. Fun for elementary school and professional look for middle and college.

4. Red-Cov Template

RRGraph Wrapped Journal 2020

Download the template here

Gilang also got his lucky for this game. Red-Cov, his masterpiece, is dedicated to medical workers who are surviving this pandemic. Gilang explained, “The red color represents the prevention, while the minimalist layouts show hygiene in the medical world aspect.”

Oh yeah, Gilang is our master chef. He always spreads out a good smell after hours of work. He is very hectic all the time in the kitchen, while the others take a delivery order or make an instant noodle when hungry. One more thing, his joke is full of satire and sarcasm. Note from him: Don’t take it too seriously.


RRGraph Wrapped Journal 2020

The conversation between Galang (our designer) and Rasyid (our Founder) during their cooking activity after working hours.


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5. Membrane Template

Download the template here

This man really knows how to make people happy. Not only jokes but also his creativity can inspire us. He is Galang, the one who created this template. He made this template out of his mind simply because there is no briefing from his team. So he just spontaneously created a template based on his random idea.

The concept of Membrane is originated from cell membranes in humans. This template has colorful features, such as yellow, pink, green, etc. Just like the common look of the cell membrane. “Making this template is not easy thought that my first experience, I want this template still look clean even crowded,” said Galang. The layout arrangement must also be considered properly to avoid the fuss.

The best smoker of the year is Galang Adi

Behind their stories, making a presentation project more desirable is not an easy task since they must know the clients’ needs and emotions. Surely, they have their own obstacles to be faced. Plus, everything must be examined carefully and efficiently. The last words they wanna say to you, “Our confidence and effort will never betray you.”

Then, how many templates we made?

Very much! More than 17,854 slides were created. It means that our designers have made 452 templates with 1007 projects completed.

On top of that, our templates already sold over 8246 templates. While the most downloaded templates are the 2020 Signature Multipurpose Template, which already sold over 8246 templates. That’s cool!

If you feel curious about our three legendary people of the big projects above, we will introduce you the portrait of them. They are Bayu (left), Yoga (Middle), Galang (Right).


When you are designing something, do it with all of your heart, so that when people see your design, they will say ‘wow!’ - Milton Glaser Click To Tweet


Wrapped Journal 2020: Clients of the Year

Have you read “2019: Presentation Design Service Year of Survival“? In that article, you will find really crazy theories about us. Our designers seem to have their own strengths. No matter where the power comes from, they can make a million templates with different styles and includes all demographics. Almost all templates have successfully reached potential clients in various countries.

Speaking about clients, this year we get some dedicated clients:

Wrapped Journal 2020: Clients of The Year

We also get some exposures in these countries: the USA, India, China, the UK, and more than 156 others. That’s insane!


Wrapped Journal 2020: Throwback Time

RRGraph was founded in 2015, which means that RRGraph is already 5 years old. That’s a really young age, but we have run as fast as we can. Now, we have grown up together. Our transformation looks very significant, as you can see from the two photos below.

Old but gold

I guess you will chuckle when seeing this photo. Seriously, these people are similar to a college freshman in their first year. This photo was taken in 2016 when there were only several employees, including 1 woman. By the way, we worked at a house. You wouldn’t expect that it was an office, would you? From this place, our strong kinship blossomed.

Wrapped Journal 2020

The atmosphere of RRGraph’s workspace

It’s not a magic. In August 2019, our new building was ready to be occupied. What we wished for finally arrived. The new building is not too corporate; it’s more like a comfortable and family-friendly coworking. We have lots of large PCs, comfy desks, comfortable chairs, and great facilities we didn’t have before. Everything feels complete here. RRGraph is our second home, and we are glad to live in a harmonious family. (Note: If you want to know more about our history, please kindly check this write-up below)


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We saw many moves this year, like the management, employee regeneration, new roles, and the total population. Now, we have 37 employees here. We were really in the ups and downs situation. Trial and error was a common thing we face. It’s quite hard, but everything that passed this year will make us stronger.


Wrapped Journal 2020: Bloopers of the Year

This is our favorite part. Sharing our random facts with you is a pleasure thing. You can tell me your favorite one after reading all of it. To tell you the truth…

Our agency has 11 women. The two of them have married. It means that we have two Moms: Azzahra and Aribah. Aribah is pregnant for her first baby. We also have Anyn. She knows everything about delicious foodies and recommended places to visit. Don’t worry, she also loves cooking for us. Thank you for taking care of us.


Our forever boss. Follow her IG: @welliethecat

Secondly, we used to have 4 cats, but now we only have 1. Her name is Welly. She is fat and very lazy. Eating and sleeping are her hobbies. The only person that most loved by Welly is Anyn. Look at her gaze; she is good at making us feel scared. But, Welly is very adorable with her chubby cheeks, we can’t handle it.

RRGraph Wrapped Journal 2020

If you want to be loved by someone, just be Indomie noodle

We have a small canteen. There are snacks, instant noodles, and drinks. The best-selling is instant noodles and eggs instead of the presentation templates. Without a presentation template, we cannot buy anything, especially instant noodles. It’s no surprise that we get overweight quickly. Carbo everywhere.

RRGraph Wrapped Journal 2020

Where there is a kettle, there is a hope

Almost our employees are coffee lovers. Some like black coffee, some like milk coffee. This kettle seems to be our best friend in the kitchen. We usually take 10-15 minutes to make a drink before starting to work. Not only coffee, we can choose non-coffee drink like Cereal Energen, Teh Tarik, and Nutrisari.

RRGraph Wrapped Journal 2020

Our happiness is when hearing the sound of your laughter

Did you know that we have an official HR this year? His extrovert personality is capable of overcoming dozens of complex humans in this office. He knows how to develop us and help with any kind of problems. His random jokes are sometimes difficult to understand, but that’s what makes him unique. Don’t tell anyone of it, sometimes he is so annoying. Say hello to Baihaqi aka Heqi!

Jibril (left) is still discussing about Campaign with Aldy (right). They look so serious.

RRGraph also has a Campaign Manager. This is the first time we have that role. He joined last November. His name is Aldy. This month, he is still taking probation for two months. Our marketing strategist, Jibril, supervised him. Jibril and Aldy will be a perfect partner. Jibril has an analytical mind, while Aldy has a creative mind as an executor. The combination of them will produce a ready concept for the campaign.

RRGraph Wrapped Journal 2020

Our tennis equipment

(gambar template)

Let’s play hard, buddies!

Ding Dong! It’s time for Ping Pong! Who doesn’t want to stay long in the office if there is new table tennis in here? Let’s play like a champion!

RRGraph Wrapped Journal 2020

Rasyid: CEO and Co-Founder (middle), Fikri (left) & Fajar (right): Project Director & Co-Founder

Behind the formula of fresh and creative works

Started with 3 college guys who experimented with PowerPoint and made money with it. Interestingly, the money is spent on lots of PCs, cat’s food, nice workspace, air-conditioning, and cool kitchenette so their employees can be happy. All in all, without your everlasting support everything in RRGraph today will never be the same.


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Are you ready for the new year?

Despite struggling with our journey in 2020, we are actually very excited to start the fresh chapter in 2021. We feel like we have the opportunity to start something new and get back into all the good things that we haven’t achieve. Hopefully, this thrilling new year spirit will take us beyond this wrapped journal and well into the months that follow!

Gracias! And see you again next year. Better us, better you.

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