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Multipurpose PowerPoint Infographics and Charts Assets for Every Occasions

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Table of Contents

Visualizing data to be understandable by the audience is a bit tricky. Default charts in PowerPoint sometimes aren’t helping at all. Every businessman will make many presentations about his business to many clients or investors. The need for multipurpose PowerPoint Infographics and Charts assets is high, so that’s why we decide to make some.

When you have a powerpoint asset, you don’t need to worry about presenting your products, your company timeline, every process of your business that you want to present, testimonials from clients, your swot analysis, your business development, diagrams, infographic, about your social media, and other things. 

1. Price Table


If your business is related to producing products, services, projects, events, and many more, you must use this template. Price table helps you to present the advantages, facilities, features, and prices of each of your products. Price table powerpoint templates are best for you, price tables are presented with various layouts. You can also choose an attractive color scheme, so business investors don’t get bored when they see your presentation. With dynamic animations, your presentation will look unique and interesting.

Save the time you are using the price table charts assets!


PPT version   Keynote version


2. Project Timeline


The powerpoint template infographics assets project timeline provides a unique graph for presenting business plans and plans for completing your project from month to month or year to year.

The timeline chart is very diverse, such as the infographics timeline, rocket timeline, bubble timeline, planning timeline, circle timeline, creative timeline, arrow timeline, road timeline, vertical timeline, horizontal timeline, project timeline, and many more. Very complete right? If you have an asset project timeline powerpoint, then you don’t need to be confused again when you will present about the timeline.

The project timeline is very creative, and unique. Charts are really cool, plus the amazing animation that makes this template is getting better. You can choose light or dark version of this powerpoint infographics and charts assets.


PPT version   Keynote version


3. Alva Process


The template also  has a light and dark version that you can choose from both, for the appearance of your template to be more beautiful.

“Alva Process” is a very useful template and has many benefits. From the beginning, the template maker is focused on the usage and beauty of all slides. This template provides 20 process infographics, that are very supportive of you to present business steps for your company. We have also set up colorful colors to make your audience or client of your business interested and fresh. If you want to replace with another color scheme, it is very possible, we have provided it.

If you are a manager who will present your business step, don’t be confused, this template is very suitable and special for you!


PPT version   Keynote version


4. Testimonial


Powerpoint assets testimonials will help you to present the testimonials that have been given by your client or customer. Testimonials are needed to appreciate your product but want to appreciate your product, but it can also increase market expansion through consumers who give testimonials.

Testimonials Templates has a creative layout and a neat appearance, that fits and matches if you want to present testimonials that you have received through consumers. This template has many creative layouts. You can also choose to use the light version or dark version according to your favorite!


PPT version   Keynote version


5. SWOT Analysis


When you are going to make a company profile, you will also need a SWOT analysis of the product. SWOT Analysis Templates are especially for you who want to present your plan company or business strategy through the SWOT method.

You want your presentation to look very interesting, and not boring? Don’t worry, because SWOT Analysis provides colorful colors that you can choose. Create a SWOT analysis from your company to make it look interesting and not boring with this template.


PPT version   Keynote version


6. Sales Dashboard


The sales dashboard template is a complete template for you if you want to analyze or report your business development. The sales dashboard is very important to visualize or set sales or development databases into one graph display and conclusions. Every company must have a sales dashboard to present their business.

The sales dashboard in this template has a comfortable and easy to see appearance. Using this template, the audience will be easier to read reports, analyze data and predict future data. This template provides graphs that you can use to present your data. Audiences will be easier to see your presentation. Light version or dark version available here. So, use this as your powerpoint assets!


PPT version   Keynote version


7. Hexagonal Diagram


The hexagonal shape has a dynamic, regular appearance, a modern look, plus colorful colors, making this diagram even more interesting to see. Hexagonal diagrams have diverse presentations, presented creatively, and neatly. Each hexagonal diagram has its own peculiarities in each presentation and uses. You can explain business data, news and events, swot analysis about your business, which is presented with hexagonal diagrams, making it shorter and more concise, and more things you can present here.

Do you like the hexagonal shape? Hexagonal Diagram Hexagonal template diagrams are suitable for your data analysis. The diagram is provided from this template. Analysis of the data initially looks difficult, but if you use this template, data analysis will look very easy. Your audiences will feel light even get heavy material.


PPT version   Keynote version


8. Layer Infographic


The infographic layer has an infographic that is presented with layering that you can display attractively. Layering has its own way to make the data you present look more concise. Shape layering is very creative and interesting. If you need an infographic layer, use this template. You can choose the infographic layer that matches the data and matches your favorite.

A company will always need an infographic that supports the presentation of business. A company will need an infographic that can present the business development company, what plans the company will do, the percentage of the company’s plans to be done, and the list that needs to be presented by your company. These infographics are available on the Layer Infographic template with a unique and creative design. This template also includes color scheme, choose your favorite color!


PPT version   Keynote version


9. Puzzle Infographic


Puzzle Infographic Template is a template that has many infographics, plus combined with puzzle shapes. You will be easy in presenting information or data with infographics contained in this template. The infographic puzzle presentation is very diverse, namely, there are infographic puzzle circles, creative puzzle infographic, puzzles that make up the brain, thumbs, wheels, pencils, and many more. Puzzle infographic gives you the choice of using a light version, dark version, or a colorful color scheme that has many choices. You can choose which of your favorite infographics and that match your data, you can also choose the color scheme that is already available.


PPT version   Keynote version


10. Smart Chart


Smart Chart has various chart presentations, such as bar charts, analytic charts, smart charts, pie charts, gender smart charts, smart chart devices, social media charts, circle charts, analytic charts, arrow charts, triangle charts, creative charts, people charts, and many more that you can check and try. Very complete right? You can choose a chart that matches the data you want to display. Special things, you can also present with a light or dark version, as well as color themes according to your favorite color or the main color of your company.

Smart Chart Templates has many charts that have been modified with effects and colors to be special, creative and unique. You will not be able to find a suitable chart for your data analysis. Make your presentation impressive with this template!


PPT version   Keynote version


11. Social Media Infographic


Social media infographics is an infographic that is hard to find and rarely found. So, immediately purchase these social media infographics to make it your company’s power asset. Infographics social media has many benefits, such as for your company when it will present business developments in each social media, or you are working on presentation related to digital marketing or social media strategies, this template is especially for you.

Analyze some of your social media accounts, and compare them from various aspects. You can present it through this template. Social Media User Templates have much information to a comparative analysis of social media, in terms of gender, country territory, number of followers, likes, and comparison of the popularity of each social media. You can choose light or dark version, or an attractive colorful color scheme. Don’t hesitate when presenting about social media, you can use this template for creating presentations with brilliant ideas.


PPT version   Keynote version


Every PowerPoint Infographics and charts assets have its own function in your presentation. Your business will have the perfect asset for presentation when you have these powerpoint assets. With layouts, various forms presented creatively and colorful colors, you will have a very special experience when presenting using these powerpoint assets. Many different forms of layouts will make it easier for you to choose the one that matches the data you are presenting, and when you customize this template with the file you provide, everything will be easy and with a short time. So, let’s use the powerpoint assets above to add data in your great business presentation!