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PowerPoint Presentation Designers Types, Are You the One?

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Table of Contents

There are so many PowerPoint presentation designers’ types. Basically, there is no significant difference between them from any other graphic designer (They are just presentation designers with PowerPoint as their main tools). You can easily find them in a freelancer platform or a PowerPoint presentation agency. But, and of course, as someone who works under creativity, they might stress you out with their edginess. However, that is what makes them unique, isn’t it?

Without too much storytelling, let’s take a look 5 PowerPoint presentation designers types pretty damn quick:


Type 1: Minimalist Guru

This one type knows how to declutter presentation slides becomes so clean and spacy. They love using a greyscale color palette and won’t overwhelm you with text or image placeholders. They are quite famous these days, this comes along as Marie Kondo and Apple’s products take over literally-any-market. Also, some chill lo-fi beats will pretty much describe them as well.

Favorite font: Montserrat

Favorite color code:   #f7f7f7 

Favorite scope: Medical, Architecture


Type 2: Typography Queen

This PowerPoint presentation designer typically uses Serif fonts family. For aesthetic and fanciness, they won’t be tired of themselves scratching the delicate look of a text in the title, slides break, and anything where there is a text-box. Metaphorically speaking, like a fatiguing gurl, they would spend hours and hours doing makeup and whatsoever when they need to get to the nearest Circle K to buy some paper towels. And do you know what their turn-offs are? Non-Latin alphabet.

Favorite font: Vidaloka

Favorite color code:   #e0aa3d 

Favorite scope: F&B, Fashion


Type 3: Mr. Dark Mode

No matter the occasion, they always use darkness sort of theme. They desire to look mysterious but failed because not every design looks good with a black background. Well, just picture a McDonald’s marketing pitch-deck with all blackness nuance. I place a bet that the audience will be insinuating, “Did Ronald just graduate from Hogwarts?”

Favorite font: Poppin

Favorite color code:    #250920 

Favorite scope: Science, Finance


Type 4: Motion Boy

“Animating every graphic element” is their motto. Maybe they have applied as an animator in Pixar, but they didn’t pass the test. Turns out, they make a turning point by using their skills in PowerPoint design. Quite sad but still cool. And yet, don’t get mistaken because nowadays more people are looking for a presentation design maker who can create a seamless animation effect!

Favorite font: Sans Francisco

Favorite color code:    #300798 

Favorite scope: Education, Sport


Type 5: The Artsy

This PowerPoint presentation designer type doesn’t follow a typical graphic design rule. Just like Basquiat. They are a pure genius who wants to spill their creativity out. They would explore Memphis and another whatsoever style, all blended into one. In a pragmatic view, their PowerPoint presentation is made to assist a sophomore art department student or a contemporary art studio that needs to promote their museum, gallery, or exhibition.

Favorite font: Heebo

Favorite color code:   #e0bd3d 

Favorite scope: Creative, Media

Yep, so that is our list of PowerPoint presentation designers, have you met any of them? Or probably you are one of them? If you love this article and want us to write more quality stuff, please share it with your friends. Click here to read about the cool fight between design agency vs freelance designer.