PowerPoint Hacks from Famous Designers

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PowerPoint is boring. PowerPoint always consider an endless meeting, slide full of texts, and other uninteresting things. That was an ‘old-school’ opinion about PowerPoint Presentation.

But do you know, PowerPoint can be your ultimate weapon to give information with interesting visuals? A good-crafted PowerPoint can be the greatest weapon to persuade your client. More than that, designers can easily sell their ideas with a piece of well-designed presentation. Below are PowerPoint Hacks from famous designers that you need to know:

 Effective presentations often structurally echo other effective storytelling modes like movies, novels, plays, and games. 

— Mike Tyson, a design director in branding agency Siegel+Gale‘s New York office.

To make a PowerPoint presentation that engages audiences, it needs more than a bulk of paragraphs and random backgrounds. It needs a proper plan, that determines what specific topic will appear in each slide. With a proper plan, you will begin to build the audience’s attention to your presentation. Quick tips: Don’t discuss more than one topic in one slide. Focus on one problem or information that you want to talk about.

 For the most part people aren’t reading the slides. You want to start a conversation and have a dialogue. 

— Meg Beckum, a creative director at the brand engagement firm Sullivan.

Give more rooms for your visual parts of a presentation. Audiences will enjoy reading visually attractive infographics than a bunch of boring paragraphs. Make it simple enough to understand, but don’t forget, give some little details to complete your PowerPoint presentation; a matching header/footer, suitable fonts with a PowerPoint presentation, and a stunning color scheme.

 Write one headline per slide, then lay them out so that you can see your story—in the form of headlines—come to life. These allow you to move slides around and adjust headlines. 

— Sandra Johnson, owner of Presentation Wiz in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

She advises walking away from the computer completely at this stage because although PowerPoint is a powerful tool for delivering a presentation, it’s lousy for writing one. Instead, create the headlines for your slides on Post-It notes, sheets of paper, or a sketchpad. Make sure your story has a clear beginning, middle, and end. Once you have the bones of the presentation laid out, then you can write your script.

What do you think about those PowerPoint Hacks? Drop your thoughts in the comment box! Get more insights in our blog.

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