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How to Structure Your Pitch Deck – Seal the Deal with Investors Now!

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Table of Contents

Companies like Air BnB, 500 Startups, Crowd Funder, etc are famous with their pitch deck that grabs the deal with investors right away. You might wonder, what exactly their secret formula? What is the perfect pitch deck structure? If you look up to each pitch decks, they have different content. Air BnB has 13 slides. And the other hand, Guy Kawasaki stated that the ideal amount of slide in a pitch deck is 10 slides. while others put this figure at around 20 slides.

Each pitch decks has different formulas. They have the same point though–their pitch deck reach the investors. Now, which structure you should follow for the perfect pitch deck? Guy Kawasaki pitch deck? Or Air BnB’s?

I say, why not combine all famous pitch decks, and pick the structure that they have in common? This post will spill every detail about how to structure your pitch deck according to the famous company.

Part 1: Introduction

Title Page

The goal: make investor take interest and paying attention to your deck right away.

Summarize your business in 10 words or less, and include your business name and logo. This is exactly what Airbnb did in their original pitch deck from 2008 — from the very first page, it gets investors thinking (Book rooms with locals? How can that be?)




The goal: what is the problem that you’re going to solve?

Air BnB also did a good job in delivering the problem that we know we’re facing it, but don’t know if that’s important enough. With 3 short sentences, Air BnB successfully make the investor say yes to everything they stated.


Part 2: Product Story Development

Show them what you’ve got and how big the market is

The goal: How is your product going to solve the problem? What is your target market? How big is the market? Make sure you lay the accurate data and maximize your point in this part

In this part, visualize a clear data to maximize your product credibility is a must. Just like this slide by We Work, it clearly shows how big the market they target

The point of this slide is to show investors that there is a large, untapped market for your product — and hundreds of people excited about your product and posting about you on social media are pretty solid proof that your product has a market.

Business Model

This is an absolutely essential part of your presentation. How are you going to make money?

Air BnB, again, set a great example in this part. With a short and understandable explanation, they clearly show how they will run the business. Clear, short, and understandable.

Investors want to be assured that they’re going to be able to make their money back, which means they are going to want to know exactly how you’re planning to earn revenue (and why this means investors are looking at getting a good return)

Spend extra time on this slide, making sure it is clear and informative.

Talk about the competition and why you’re better

Who are you going to go head-to-head within the market? This is a good example from Mixpanel pitch deck. First, they stated why they are better in the business (grab the attention) then they provide data

First of all, competition can prove that a market exists for your product. Second, talking about the competition shows investors that you’re thinking seriously about the state of the industry, and how your start-up fits into the landscape.

Talk about why you’re better than the competition

In other words, what makes you special?

Maybe this is where you talk about your proprietary technology. Or where you talk about how your product fills a gap that competitors aren’t filling.

Go-To-Market Plan

How are you going to get customers? And how are you going to rake in millions of dollar of revenue and make your investors happy?

Talk about your amazing team

To build a successful business, you need a good idea and a capable team — investors know this better than anyone, which is why the ‘our team’ slide is the second most-viewed page in a pitch deck.

Who is your team? What are they good at? And why are they going to help lead your business to success?

Blow them away with some impressive stats

You’ve lead investors up to this point — they know the why, they know the how, and they know that you’re going to do it better than anyone else. Now is the time to finish off the presentation with some impressive stats that are going to send the message home.

Part 3: Epilogue

Bring it back

End with your business name, logo, and the sentence that sums up your company in 10 words or less.

Give investors a moment to marinate on how awesome you are, and then give time for questions.

This is a very hard time for your pitch deck, so relax and make sure you know all your materials and answer the questions right.

Now, you’ve done all of that, but why investors aren’t interested about my pitch deck? Maybe you forget to maximize this factor

How Design Impact your Pitch Deck.

This, so much people just put this factor aside or simply forget them. How you display your pitch deck, the very first slide, will impact the whole presentation. Imagine when you are smart at words and sentences, but your investors shake their heads because of your blank and poorly designed first slide? They won’t even pay attention to the rest of your slides.


Imagine the way you display your slide is like a door. It’s just the start. Imagine if you do it right from the start, everything will be end u right, too. Can’t design? Poor design skills? Ah, worry not. There’s always a hand that ready to help you portray the way you want your slide to be.



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