How to Organize Long Texts and Charts in Your Presentation Deck

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Everyone sure hates long texts and charts that hard to understand. Especially when it has to be presented in a presentation. Editing charts is difficult, so people often use the basic chart–that often doesn’t look great. And you want to tell a lot of things to your audience, and ended up using too much text in one slide. But you know what? You can tackle that with a few steps if you know the right way. This is how to organize long texts and charts in your presentation deck.


How to Organize Charts

1. Make sure the information in the chart are readable

powerpoint chart

Sometimes the information in the charts are so small (often for the sake so the chart can fit in one slide) people find it difficult to read it. First, just make sure all numbers and text in the charts are readable. Use easy to read fonts–pick sans serif fonts when you’re in doubt.

2. Use colors that attract and help the audience understand the chart content

powerpoint chart

Default charts usually have a pale and dull color and sometimes don’t represent the whole presentation. Use colors that not only attract but also make the audience understand what the data is about right away.


How to Organize Long Texts

If it’s possible, don’t display long texts. Just write the main point and explain the rest by speaking. This way, your audience will get the important point right away, and will more interested in hearing the rest of it.

powerpoint templateBut, if all texts are important and you need it to be in the slide, you can do one of these ways, or even combine it

1. Separate it into two slides

fashion powerpoint template

By separating your long text into two slides of PowerPoint presentation, it will be less crowded and will avoid small font sizes. If the font size is too small, it will be very hard to read.

2. Divide the paragraphs as points

powerpoint template

No. Not bullet points that all you guys hate. Instead, use a shape to differentiate each point and icons to replace the bullets. Big fonts for numbers also effective if you can’t decide which icon to use.

3. Insert a picture or illustration that represent the information

creative powerpoint template

Your audience might not read all the information inside the text, so it will be very helpful if you put an image or illustration. Aside from grabbing the audience’s attention, it also effective to represent the whole information so your message will be passed on clearly.


And that’s the simple way on how to organize your long texts and charts in your presentation deck. If you don’t have any design skills to design your slide, you can use presentation assets that provide editable charts and text layout. All you need to do is paste your content there, and it’s done. If you want the complete variation of text, images, and charts layout, you can get a presentation template. It’s a complete package and perfect for a beginner.

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