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New Year Celebration with WestWon

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Table of Contents

“We need to lose something to win the else.”

It was a regular Thursday in amid 2019 new year celebration, when Jeremy Hall demanded us to redesign his PowerPoint materials for WestWon. It is a leading leasing company providing asset-based finance to all types of companies in the UK. Using the latest technology, WestWon helps organizations to fund capital equipment purchases in a tax-efficient way that maximizes cash flow, by offering quick quotes and fast finance at competitive rates. Relax. You do not necessarily understand that. In short, if you want to rent a computer, office furniture, or a recycling equipment you can give a go to them.

Hall needed to make a year resolution agenda to push the limit within 200% company’s target. Salute, Bro. Now it’s almost 2020 and we hope you achieve the number already

Egga and Ijal, our awesome designers, luckily still in the office played a computer football game after finishing their daily task. Then there was no reason for them not to receive the order. 48 slides in total. 24 H-hours target. The customer service gave the guide based on Hall’s note as follows, “Turn the deck into 4:3 aspect ratio, make the theme as WestWon website look alike. Feel free to edit all slides, images, charts, as you see fit. But all content must remain the same.” As ever, working efficiently would be the key-pass to them, moreover, that was not the first time they worked together. A strong brotherhood had been made between them so that the factors that may fail the teamwork can be handled.  Eh, before we move forward, don’t you wonder what are these factors?

Long story short, they quitted the game and divided their objectives. Egga, who known for his experimental ability using scribbles line patterns, scratched the master slide to attain a pleasant placeholder. Meanwhile, Ijal reordered the archived contents and brainstormed its garnishes. One built the structure as the other did the exterior stuffs.

That’s how they began.

Still in the same afternoon, both of them did a little research about WestWon company profile per se. They must get the logo, customed color scheme, and stock images to get the suitable PNG for the deck, and the most prominent of it all, they needed to find the balance between their expression with Hall’s wants. Hall is a notable businessman and chairman for several companies in Europe. He wears attire-suit, shaves his facial hair very smoothly, and knows how to take a gentleman pose in front of a camera. With merely looking his digital tracks, Egga and Ijal already knew that he’s a real definition of professional. That’d be an honor working with such a man.

The sun was about to set when their research finished. They had figured the abstract in a phrase of adjectives, that was natural and elegant. Hereafter, they went home with minds that were not empty no more. The only unsatisfying thing happened at that time was, their football match must be delayed.

Next day, very-very early in the morning just as they got seated, Egga and Ijal started the redesign process with the following concepts,

Turquoise Hue

Lime green and electric blue are WestWon’s brand color identity. What do you think of it? Planet Earth? Mountainous and river flows landscape? Green screwdriver cocktail? Well, Egga and Ijal agreed upon the idea of namely precious stone, a turquoise, that is often associated with tranquility. Characteristically with its hue shade, that particular stone could give natural yet elegant as well as expensive yet cheap nuance. Just similar with the leasing concept, to use something without the necessity to own it, and that betweenness is somehow, so refreshing. The color shading is combined with Poppins font. It is a geometric sans-serif typeface published by Indian Type Foundry in 2014. The header text uses cloudy white or dark grey color, meanwhile the content adjusts with its background to avoid color overlapping. In this kind of yearly deliverance, simplicity and clarity are prominent, hence the audiences can understand the texts wholly.

Futuristic Metric

Numeral display tends to be boring. Normally, it appeared as infographics, charts, and so forth. And, normally too, the audiences will break their attention as it pops out on the screen. What makes this so? Probably, people don’t want to read too much information in a single slide, or they simply hate mathematics and statistic of some sort. Thankfully Ijal knows how to fix it.  In high school, he used to assist his teacher to explain algebra. With using these tips, he then polishes the charts elegantly using futuristic effect. It’s a bit technical to explain. He uses the dots and lines, all in modern white, covered with shadowy soft edges. It could foster a 3D look, albeit the chart is actually still in 2D. You can look yourselves how ‘alive’ that is.

Cow Skin Pattern

Getting rid of monotonous square placeholder in businesslike slides, Egga places the curvy ones instead. It is his speciality to make joy between the rigidness, just like his personality: a cheeky animal lover. No wonder he could create some unorthodox shapes, a cow skin pattern, let’s say. Don’t be wrong about it and think his work is out of context. In contrast, it is a subtle game to provoke the audience’s mind to make the slide transition more playful. This concept works better with unique text alignment. But… wait. It doesn’t mean the texts can be putted arbitrarily (I bet you already know the difference between PPT and expressionist painting), nevertheless it must follow every slide’s balance so that the overlook isn’t weary.

White-Collar Effect

Hall and WestWon come from the UK. Hence, the models used in the slides must be Caucasian, or at least whites. And most importantly, they must be having a white-collar appearance in a way of getting a professional look. Hall would be pissed, when he’d be facing cultural appropriation during his presentation. This might lead to incompetency for WestWon. It’s our responsibility however to make the presentation run according to his expectation. Luckily, we own our PNG stocks, all the decent photo of a man smiling in suit-and-tie. No time is wasted therefore. From the picture above, you can rate how it has a Posh look, and can quite define the ‘West’ ideas too. You’d admire it, maybe. Except you expect a cup of Earl Grey from the Queen.

That’s all. Can we get standing ovation for Egga and Ijal? So darn nice their touch, isn’t it?

But the project wasn’t as smooth as you imagined. Though Egga and Ijal played the big part of it, they didn’t carry out themselves. Accompanied by the customer service team, they were possible to work in the base of guideline from Jeremy Hall. As a result, only in the amount of 24 hours the order was finished, just as the football match between Egga and Ijal was restarted, before another client would be ruining their quality time, again.