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Most Wanted Jobs During COVID-19

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Most Wanted Jobs During COVID-19

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Most Wanted Jobs During COVID-19 – During the recent pandemic, millions of employees have laid off and left wondering what to do next. It can be difficult trying to get back into the workforce when you aren’t quite sure which jobs will even survive through the end of this pandemic. In fact, many industries tend to collapse in the coming years due to Covid-19.

When looking for work during the Covid-19 pandemic, you need to identify the fields that are most likely to survive into the future of work. For the most part, these fields are tech-based jobs. More traditional industries are set to be disrupted, and you should aim to work in the fields that are causing that disruption. To that end, here are three of the most wanted jobs to pursue amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.


1. Full Stack Development

Most Wanted Jobs During COVID-19

Most Wanted Jobs During COVID-19: Full Stack Engineer

Without a doubt, one of the most resilient careers during the Covid-19 pandemic is full-stack development. Becoming a full-stack developer requires an extensive interest in technology to be sure, but developing this interest would result in a lucrative career opportunity in a field that has amazing growth potential.

First and foremost, though, what does a full stack developer do? Members of this profession are responsible for both front and back end development, making them essentially two employees in one. A stack is popular as a collection of different technologies that developers utilize in order to accomplish their various goals. Full-stack developers see a project through from its original programming stages to its website design and release.

This field is projected to grow by 8 percent in the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is impressive compared to some other fields in the workforce right now. Launching a career in this field can be done by attending coding bootcamps or trade schools which can teach students anything and everything they may need to know.

Developers can play an important role during the pandemic by creating some tools that can help us in the fight against the coronavirjkjus. For example, the websites and apps that can help us track cases of Covid-19 cannot come into existence without the help of these professionals.


2. Anything With Coding

Most Wanted Jobs During COVID-19

Most Wanted Jobs During COVID-19: Code Experts

While it may sound vague on the surface, any job that involves coding or programming is open to last long into the future. In 2015, seven million job openings were in occupations that require coding. Overall, programming jobs are growing 12 percent faster than in other professions. These are skills that took the world by storm in the last decade and developing a knowledge of one of the many coding languages could easily set you apart from any competition you may face.

Out of the possible coding languages, Python is one of the better choices if you do not have a specific career in mind. This is due to the fact that Python is one of the most versatile coding languages. Anyone with a basic understanding of this coding language can launch a career in a number of job fields.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a university student to learn how to code anymore. There is a multitude of ways anyone can learn to code for free that will give them the skills needed to tackle any modern job. Additionally, obtaining a valuable skill for the future of work ensures that even if their job is failure by technology, they have a skill that won’t be.


3. Front End Development

Most Wanted Jobs During COVID-19

Most Wanted Jobs During COVID-19: Front End Developer

Similar to full-stack development, but far less intense, is front end development. As outlined earlier, front end development is actually one half of full-stack development. However, front end developers specifically focus on building the aspect of a website that is client-facing, such as menus and navigation bars on websites.

This is a better field to go into if you have an eye for aesthetics and don’t quite feel like programming software from scratch. Given that front end development is in the same field as full-stack development. They have the same growth potential of 8 percent, meaning this is a strong job.



There are a number of jobs in the workforce currently that will not be there in a few short years. For the most part, these are all traditional jobs that are possible to be changeable by advancing technology. Diving back into the workforce after losing your job requires a certain amount of caution. You don’t want to end up in a career that you lose once again. So, entering a job with a large amount of industrial growth potential should always be your first priority. Lastly, the above three jobs are just a taste of the potential new career paths that one could choose. This pandemic has affected every working adult around the world, but getting back into the workforce is certainly possible.

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This article is written by Artur Meyster. He is the founder of Career Karma, he also start the Breaking Into Startups Podcast to feature inspiring stories of people who broke into tech from non-traditional backgrounds.