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Meet Ultraviolet: PANTONE Color Pick for 2018

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Table of Contents

We had been seeing purple hues appears in virtually every major brand redesign this year (our brand too!) In 2014, Pantone had already given us fuchsia/purple dreams selecting Radiant Orchid as Color of The Year. But, are you prepared for UltraViolet: a galactic, deep purple shade? Pantone itself stated that purple is about to take the world of design by storm. In words used by the Pantone team, “Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.”


What purple means?


I’ve discovered some of the emotions associated with different colors here before. Purple, in common, is often linked to terms like soothing, exciting, and calm. In a study on fashion brand personality, purple logos were significantly associated with sophistication, including traits like “feminine”, “glamorous”, and “charming”.

As a color, purple is the result of combining red and blue in different proportions. Warmer purples (like lilac) contain more red and cooler purples (think periwinkle) contain bluer. Ultra Violet, the specific shade Pantone has chosen this year, is closer to blue, features a high chroma (intensity), and a low value (dark).

Let’s hop on the trend! Feeling ready to use Ultra-violet for your presentation next year? Here are some of our items in Ultra-violet!


Visionary Template


Not only matching Pantone predictions, we also provide new features in our newest template; morph transition! The morph transition gives elegant and futuristic transition. Get the template here


Convention Business


If you look for an ultra-violet template that gives a lighter look, this one might do. With minimalist style and a hint of purple, you’re so ready to amaze your audience!

Get the template here



This presentation can be used for market review, new business, product review, marketing, and promotions post-launch review, market research, social media impact studies, education, and training. It gives your presentation a professional and neat look, but still in for ultraviolet trends.

Get the template here


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