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Presentation Inspiration: Mark Zuckerberg – What You Actually Can Learn

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Table of Contents

Mark Zuckerberg is undoubtedly one of the successful businessmen—and a great presenter. So, what can we learn from Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation techniques?


Focus on the people, product later

Zuckerberg actually rarely speaks about Facebook’s new features too much. Yes, he still talks about that, but he’s not pushing it too far. He knows most people don’t care, and he chooses to put the most important factor first: his audience

He goes by explaining the growth plans, with easy-to-understand slides. The slides engage the audience and trigger questions and discussion—which is the main goal of the presentation. He shows the problem, and how to solve it, clearly, and that’s what the audience wants.

 This is what you can learn. Your presentation needs to show how you make a thing better. Focus on that. 


Be brave to change big things, in positive ways

mark zuckerberg

Facebook is a huge company indeed. But that’s not the reason why when something involves Facebook is on the stage, everyone watching. It’s not like that. It is because most people know that Facebook isn’t afraid to change the world.

Maybe your company isn’t as big as Facebook,  but each company, big or small, has its own chance to make a change in their own sector.  Put this in your mind.

How will you get your message across and how do you want it to be remembered?


Don’t even try to DIY your presentation

Industry leaders know full well the value of their time. Engaging the services of professionals to not only design your presentation but also the visual storytelling, is a must. Imagine a beautiful present ruined by poor gift wrapping. Mark Zuckerberg is definitely not making his own PowerPoint—he writes what he will talk, and let his presentation designer do the rest. Making his thinking looks engaging, and please the audience’s eyes.

First impressions matter, a poorly created presentation can undo years of research, design, and development. That’s why you need a professional presentation designer for your company. Or consider buying pre-made presentation templates online, but make sure the marketplace is trustful, and sell high-quality items only.