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How to Link Excel to PowerPoint (Fast and Easy!)

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Table of Contents

How to Link Excel to PowerPoint? Linking Excel information to a PowerPoint presentation permits you to show advanced knowledge on a lot easier kind that individuals can understand. It will very helpful whenever you’re conducting enterprise or educational displays. Not just it, this feature also permits you to simply create tables on displays and conveniently modify the desk’s knowledge without modifying the presentation itself. Present data in charts, tables, will be a lot easier with linking Excel to PowerPoint. These are the steps:


Opening the Records Data to Hyperlink

1. Open the Excel file you want to hyperlink with the PowerPoint presentation

Choose Microsoft Excel from the Start menu to open it. When you’ve launched Excel, you’ll be able to both select to open a present Excel file or create a new one.

Keep in mind if you choose to create a new doc to link to a PowerPoint presentation, you must save it first as an Excel file because we need a saved Excel file as a link.

2. Open the PowerPoint file you need the Excel file linked to

Launch Microsoft PowerPoint by selecting it on from the beginning menu. As soon as it launches, you’ll be able to both open a present PowerPoint presentation or create a new one by clicking the “File” button.


Linking the Files

1. Choose where you need to insert the Excel file

On the PowerPoint presentation, click on the text area you need to insert an Excel file then click “Insert” tab to view the Insert toolbar.

How to Link Excel to PowerPoint

2. Click “Object” button

This can open a small window known as Insert Object.

How to Link Excel to PowerPoint

3. Click “Create from file” radio button

This can will let you insert an existing file to your PowerPoint presentation, in this case, the Excel document.

How to Link Excel to PowerPoint

4. Choose the file to insert

On the Insert Object window, click “Browse” button and use the Explorer to navigate to the placement of the Excel file you need to link. When you’ve discovered the file, choose it and click OK.

How to Link Excel to PowerPoint

5. Check “Link” option

Back on the Insert Object window, just be sure you verify the Link option right beside the Browse button. By doing this, any modifications made on the Excel file will likely be mechanically mirrored on the PowerPoint presentation.

How to Link

6. Make sure the link works

Return to Microsoft Excel and change any data in any of the cells. When you’ve edited one of many cells, return once more to PowerPoint. The information on the Excel object in your presentation ought to mirror the identical modifications you made on the Excel file.

How to Link Excel

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