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Knowing Creator’s Block: How to Kick it Out

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Table of Contents

Have you ever feel have no idea when working on something? This condition usually called creator’s block, a condition where a creative working person have no idea at all when working on their project. Creator’s block commonly happened to everyone who works in a creative agency, which demands them to always have new ideas. Not having enough time and severe boredom could trigger creator’s block. Each person has a creative side. Creativity appears in many ways. Whether you are a professional designer or working in a creative industry, you need to know how to deal with creator’s block.


Get out of your stressful condition

Depression of project’s deadline that coming closer can trigger creator’s block. Working in tight deadline can make someone feel depressed, plus pressure with teammates to complete the project on time. When that happens to you, escape from that situation. It seems a bit irresponsible, but resting the mind can help you refocus and recharge your energy. Give your brain a moment to digest the thing/job you’re working on


Look around you, find an idea

Have no idea at all? Try to see things around you. Whether its music, art piece, or quotes that means a lot to you. Cheesy things like that can help you to think creative again, that will lead you to an idea. If you can find any idea of things around you, go outside. Visit a coffee shop or other interesting places. Focus on what you experience there—inspiration might pop up, you may not realize it before. Try to look some creative inspiration, like inspiring portfolios or articles


Keep a journal.

This may seem cheesy, but it will really help you in a stressful situation—when you lack ideas. Write things that interest you. When creator’s block attacks, these little things in your journal can help you in a difficult time. This can also get rid of your boredom while working at the office too!


Stay calm

Panicking only make creator’s block more dangerous. Remain calm. A calm brain can think of new ideas faster than a stressful one. In a calm situation, your brain will process the information you need to create new idea easily.Also, take a look at your little journal to feel inspired.



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