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5 Ways to Keep Presentation Simple and to the Point

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Table of Contents

To keep the presentation simple and to the point, most people learn about KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) early in their careers. So how can you do it? Creating a simple design is a little more complicated than you might think. KISS maintains that most systems work best if they are simple, rather than complicated. The same is true of pretty much any design project as well.



Set One Goal Per Page

Keep Presentation Simple and to the Point

The beginning of a simple design starts with a goal for the project and specific goals for each page of your slides. Too many things to watch can overwhelm the audience. They can lose sight of what to read or pay attention to. Plan the design so that each page leads the audience to a single goal. This consistency helps users understand why they are on your presentation and what they are supposed to do; the simplicity of those choices make the design easy and engaging.


Stick to Two Type Families

There are so many design guidelines that recommend three typefaces for a project. You can streamline that even more with two robust type families. Look for a type of family that includes multiple weights with plenty of contrast between the regular and bold or black options. For even more flair, opt for a display choice that includes a few alternate characters that you can use in oversized headlines. You’ll find that this can help you create a highly readable and easy to use typography palette that’s easy to manage and has visual consistency.


Use Consistent Alignment

Left, center or even to the right – whatever alignment you like, stick to it throughout the design. This includes aligning like items, such as text boxes and elements that aren’t alike but fit together in groupings.


Give Elements Plenty of Space

Keep Presentation Simple and to the Point

If you don’t know it by now, commit this to memory: White space is your friend. Give every element in the design plenty of room. Space will help draw attention to individual elements, take up “space” so you aren’t tempted to clutter the canvas and help create an overall design that has focus.


Use Consistent Icons and Elements

Keep Presentation Simple and to the Point

Consistency in design is one of the best (and worst) kept secrets of killer design. It’s one of those things that gets forgotten way too often as design projects are littered with multiple button styles or social media icons that just don’t match the rest of the website’s iconography. It’s important to create an icon and user interface element set and rules and user them throughout the project in the same manner. (You can even buy or download an icon font or user interface element kit if you don’t want to create these from scratch.) Luckily if you won’t waste your time downloading icons and more elements, because we include them in every product package we have!

A simple design does not have to be completely minimal or lack fun elements or user interface goodies. A simple design is one that is highly usable and intuitive, allowing users to engage without question or complicated instructions.