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Introduction to SEO: Beginner Level

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Table of Contents

As part of a digital marketing strategy, SEO has attracted a lot of business owners to take part in the activity with the aim to optimize their website performance. For you who have heard a lot about SEO but never had the chance to learn more about it, you are in the right place. In this article, I will explain briefly about what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), how it works, and the benefits it gives for your business.


What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the activity of improving, and boosting performance on an internet site in an effort to grow the quantity of traffic the website receives from SERP. Basically, the amount of visits depends on the position of the website in the search engine for key phrases associated with your content. After all, how many clicks will a top-ranked page get? The factors that decide search engine optimization vary from the phrases in your web page, and the manner different web sites give a backlink to you at the web.


Why is search engine optimization important?

Many people use search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to discover and find the answer to their questions. Organic site visitors are commonly the users who haven’t heard of your brand before. These engines like google permit your internet site to attain new audiences. If your website is the destination, then search engines like google are the roads to get users there. In different phrases, they offer new, focused sites for visitors. For example, if on your website you promote shoes, google will bring you people who mainly search for shoes. So if you can get your page to the first page of Google, you have a big opportunity to get a lot of visitors. Want to reach the strategic position in SERP? Then that’s why search engine optimization is so important.


How does SEO work?

Search engines use certain algorithms to determine which content is worthy to rank in the top search results. Unquestionably, this applies to all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Duckduckgo.

We will not discuss algorithms in every search engine. Here we discuss only the Google algorithm. Why? Because Google controls more than 90 percent of the search engine market share worldwide. So when it comes to how SEO works, Google’s algorithm is the benchmark. Google updates the algorithm regularly to bring more relevant information and accurate web pages on the first page for its users. From 2011 to date, there have been at least eight major updates to Google’s algorithm.

Every web owner and SEO specialist need to keep up with the Google algorithm update. Doing an optimization strategy based on Google’s old algorithm will not get you anywhere. For example, one of the older tactics used was keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is the practice of entering as many main keywords as possible in an article. This kind of strategy was working for some time, even if your content was short and has no correlation with the theme of the content. However, with Google’s algorithm update, this tactic is no longer effective. Google will award you with a penalty if your site carries out this activity. Your content can be considered spamming if you repeat too many focus keywords.

If so, what kind of SEO optimization steps are in accordance with the latest Google algorithm? To optimize your website, pay attention to eight SEO indicators that suit the Google algorithm, from URL structure to website speed.


Why do you need SEO?

An essential aspect at this point is user Demand. Demand in SEO refers to the accumulated numbers of keywords. For instance, you want to purchase a cellphone, you may want to type these kinds of keywords.

Case 1, you have not made your mind which product to buy

■ Stage 1, “ps5 with price around 10 million”

■ Stage 2, “ps5 vs pacing gaming”

■ Stage 3, “buy ps5 new”

Case 2, you have made up your mind for the product to buy

■ Stage 1, “buy ps5”

■ Stage 2 (option 1), “ps5 deals april 2020”

■ Stage 2 (option 2), “ps5 new to***edia”

■ Stage 2 (option 3), “ps5 new sh***e”

The example of case 1 and 2, you will notice that Users Journey varies. This is just a small example at the general level. Most importantly, you need to understand that a website which captures your prospective customers’ needs is essential as an owner of a brand or product. With the explanation above, you can now start to optimize your website and get a strategic position in search engine.


3 main SEO benefits for business

1. Make your business easy to find

As the name suggests, Search Engine Optimization will help you improve rankings for your business website pages, and that is very important because usually internet users are always clicking on the information listed in the first page. Therefore, if your business website is on the first page, this will increase website page traffic and be recognized by many people.

2. Upgrade your brand

If you have succeeded in being on the first page, it indicates that the branding of your business website is starting to be recognized and successful. This also indicates that your business website has better contents and buyers will be more confident in the quality of the products you provide and will further improve the credibility of your website.

3. Get easier conversions

With increased engagement, traffic and good branding, this will make conversion easier for business websites. In addition, the main goal of increasing traffic is knowing that your merchandise is very useful and needed, which leads to increased excess revenue for your website.

The more people visit, the more orders you get, and your business will reach a wider audience. On a better chance, if your item has a good quality, this will also give your business the opportunity to receive repeat orders. If you are at this point, this indicates that your business runs successfully.


Closing tips

What you read above is just the surface of the whole knowledge of SEO. Want to make your website SEO friendly? You can learn it all in the SEO Guideline and apply it to your website. Even a beginner has the power to bring their website to the first page of Google. Start today and watch your traffic grow over the day!

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This article is written by Annissa Manystighosa. Annissa is a Lead Writer at Content Marketing Labs, where she leads a content writer team of five with various niche, planning project and controlling performance.