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Free Sports PowerPoint Templates for Sports Business Ideas

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Table of Contents

Free Sports PowerPoint Templates are available on RRSlide & GraphicRiver

Sport is one of the promising business opportunities in this modern era. Of course, we as a businessman don’t want to be left behind with these profitable businesses. But the problem is, how to market this sports business? An effective way to market a business like this is to present your brand or product. Still, somehow, you are nervous to face your audience when making a presentation, or maybe you don’t know how to package a presentation to captivate your audience. Seeing that issue, we make a list of the best sports presentation templates.

Various interesting features are included in the templates below, starting from topics, colors, fonts, infographics, and much more. Therefore, you do not need to worry anymore to package the presentation to captivate the audience. Most of all, we have made templates that easy for you to edit without any design skills at all.

Free Sports PowerPoint Templates 1: InGames

Free Sports PowerPoint Templates


InGames is a 3 in 1 creative-sport themed presentation template. It is great for pitch deck, business meeting, seminar, and another purpose. Besides having flashy blue and orange look, this template also has light and dark versions for 70+ unique slides, awesome animations, editable charts, and a sack of vector elements. As a plus, this template is suited with free fonts and icons too.


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates 2: Elemntrix 


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates



Elemntrix is suitable for sports presentation and business sport apparel. This template completes with unique slides, cool animation, charts, SWOT analysis, and editable infographics. Additionally, this template is packed in a creative and modern layout with light and dark background. Now, let’s make your presentation alive with this presentation template.


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates 3: Heroes & Basketball


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates




Heroes & Basketball are a basketball presentation template which are very interesting and easy to use. They are suitable for all kinds of business purposes, business, sport, or developer needs. Those templates also have the master slide and editable vector elements as the features of this template. Surely, both templates will make our presentation more professional and amaze our potential business investors.


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates 4: Ability 

Free Sports PowerPoint Templates

Ability is a sports presentation template that comes with a cool PowerPoint slide design with green shades. It is also packaged with a professional slide master and cool animation. Indeed, this template is very suitable for us that need a presentation about sports. Moreover, it also presents diagrams and infographics that are creative and easily accepted by listeners.


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates 5: Vortifity 

Free Sports PowerPoint Templates

Vortivity is a sports presentation that is packaged in a modern and creative style. It has beautiful gradient colors, neat layout, and cool animation that can add to the aesthetics of this template. It is very suitable for presenting sports, education, business, and others.


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates 6: Adventurous 

Free Sports PowerPoint Templates

Adventurous contains eye-catching slides using a unique brush view. Interestingly, this template is ready on your hand, especially for sports and adventure. Plus, this template uses a unique font style, minimalist layout, and amazing animation that makes audiences more interested during our presentation.


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates 7: Yogoum 

Free Sports PowerPoint Templates


Yogoum & Medi Yoga have an amazing layout design in a creative style related to Yoga and meditation. These templates are also completed with professional features, creative layout, cool animation, editable vector infographic, mock-ups, map ready to use, and many more. Both templates really match for you that needs a presentation about sports, business, education, and others.


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates 8: PlayMaker & Proplay 

Free Sports PowerPoint Templates


PlayMaker & Proplay contain eye-catching slides that can help us create a unique presentation about football or sports. Those templates can attract the audience and make our brand or product stand out. Grab them fast!


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates 9: Energetic

Free Sports PowerPoint Templates

Energetic is sports presentation template that we can use to inspire our sports business related to workout or gym. Demonstrate the benefits of this by giving an awesome presentation with this customizable templates for PowerPoint and Keynote. All of them are easy to edit and come with simplistic design.


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates 10: Seascape

Seascape is created on leisure activities by scuba diving in the ocean. It also symbolizes a large space under the cool and beautiful water with scuba divers. This template contains various background images and shapes and we can use it freely.


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates 11: Fit Journey

Blow away the competition against other fitness companies! If you have a fitness app and want some economic support from investors, use this dynamic presentation called Fit Journey and give it your best shot!


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates 12: Gym

If you want to open a new gym studio and you need to present your business plan, then this Gym template can help you achieve your goals. That includes eye-catching pictures, gym-themed icons, and data visualizations. Get this sports presentation template in our marketplace.


Free Sports PowerPoint Templates 13: Action

Sport is quite important for us to have a healthy body and mind. It is not something bad for you to become a personal trainer! Do you know how to create and deliver effective fat burning programs? Cool! Then, use this Action template and reach your dream to be a coach!


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Sports Business Ideas You Can Pursue

To be an expert in sports doesn’t always need to be talented with athletic skills. Some of the greatest trainers are not the best players, and some never play the tournament.

Many business opportunities focus on sports that don’t necessarily require us to run fast, play basketball better than anyone, or even sink a game of 10-foot golf. There are opportunities to change those skills into a lucrative job or even a side business.

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See our curated list of 24 business startups for those who love sports without being an athlete.

1. A Sports Promotor

Sports promotors commonly make the event exciting for the people to make the event runs successfully. They usually work to promote sports events, find a spot, inform the public of the events, and hire participants for the events. 

2. A Sports Marketing Campaign

A sports marketing campaign is usually the role of those with degrees in business management or marketing. They also work with public relations firms since strong oral and written communication skills are learned in their field. The common tasks they usually do are product management, endorsements, event promotion, and way more. 

3. An Athletic Coach

Athletes really need coaches to develop and stimulate them to play well. Demand for athletic coaches is high because coaches need to be qualified by experience and licensing requirements. 

4. A Physical Therapist

Physical injury is a common problem for athletes. Indeed, a physical therapist comes up to help players with injuries during sports. The healing process is sometimes mental and physical. Job opportunities for this role are common in community health centers, gyms, and hospitals.

5. A Golf Instructor

We can tell that it is still difficult for some people to start this job during a pandemic situation. Fear not, being an online golf instructor is truly on top of everything that can easily upload our videos on YouTube. We really only need a good camera or a high-quality GoPro to get started.

6. A Swim Instructor

Many people want to be skilled at swimming. It is your opportunity to have a swimming course to teach them. But, you should get accredited for your credibility. If you are a professional looking for this role, this is a great choice to make some money and help your community.

7. A Referee

Looking to establish your experience in your sports business? Being a referee is a good idea for that. Remember that we also need to be certified by the local sports organization.

8. A Sports Apps Developer

Developing mobile sports apps is a big game. Remember that the most successful apps are mobile-friendly to use. Besides, the apps should have a simple design too.

9. Open Sports Camp

Make sure to provide coaches and athletes for managing the campers to get an all-round perspective. If we can get our own local sports endorsement, the better it is. We must consider the scale here if our camp remains for several weeks. Surely, we need a bigger crew.

10. A Ticket Seller 

Being a ticket seller for sports events needs a good strategy to gain a lot of members. Plus, arranging a schedule for members is a good choice to attract them.

11. Sell Sports Souvenirs

We should have a good track of the sports stuff, especially in the sport we played. Also, these types of stuff must be big sellers at events and festivals. Renting a table can be an option to get started and post them on the official website.

12. Build Sports Bar

Sports bars offer clients options to watch their favorite sporting events while enjoying cold beverages and hot meals in a comfortable atmosphere. Learn how to start your own Sports Bar Business and make it a success.

13. A Sports Games Developer

Become a licensed game developer is challenging for most people. It can be said that people with great sports experience and high flying hours are more required to take this role.

14. Make Sports Radio Station 

The Internet makes everything easier in this virtual era. All we need to have is a proper computer, a good internet connection, and the right software. Consider hiring a broadcaster. A sports broadcaster can provide fresh news of sports events using many different media, such as television, radio, streaming apps, website, and way more. 

15. Start Jersey Customizing Business

People want to wear the name and number of their popular players. Ensure that all suppliers are permitted well. A good graphic designer or fashion designer is another must-have role for this job.

16. A YouTube Trainer

As we know that most of the YouTube channel trends lately are sports and healthy influencers. Not surprisingly that people want to burn their body fat for getting their body goals. Alright, it’s time to take advantage of how to make and upload a YouTube video in an easy way. Importantly, we might need to buy a professional camera and hire some crew for a marketing campaign or any role we may need.

17. Open Gym Studio

We need to learn about business management, administration, marketing, especially about facilities and infrastructure, instead of picking a good location. Don’t forget about preparing the best insurance as well.

18. An Athletic Director

Athletic director positions at the college level are considerably more popular. They generally get higher-paying than high school positions. Plus, it is no wonder that coaches generally have higher salaries than athletic directors. 

19. Open a Sports Store

Getting the extra time to ensure our business idea of a sports store suits the local culture. As an example, offering beach volleyball stores work better in Malibu than opening a ski shop.

20. A Sports Blogger

We can create a blog about the sport we are concerned about. Before starting this role, we should learn about content writing, SEO optimization, and blogger tactics so that our content can get a good position in Google. 

21. A Sports Photographer

This role may require us to show our sports background. As a sports photographer, we must be skilled in using both manual and digital cameras.

22. A PR Business

Starting a public relations business to manage sports business is another excellent plan. We will need to understand how to proceed with deals and advertise while maintaining our client’s reliability.

23. A Magazine Designer

One of the best tools for creating our own publication is Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Using this platform, we can create, distribute, monetize, and optimize engaging publication by getting in touch with old colleagues and selling ads.

24. Open an Academy

If we want to develop young talent, this is one route to go. Don’t forget to put together our great business plan so we can get the client’s trust.


While a good background education can be more advantageous for careers in this field, a degree is not always vital. Crucially, entrepreneurs will always need to maintain everything, especially when meeting potential risks, financial loss, and other obstacles.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to stay up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!



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