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Founder Talks: Creating Product for People

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Founder Talks: Fajar

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Today, we are talking to Fajar Indra, a creative lead and one of RRGraph co-founders. He is going to tell us about a visual product and how he can do business with it.

founder talks fajar

But, before we go further here’s a wee disclaimer: Fajar had won tons of contests in 99designs and had created best-selling and trending items on Envato Market. He has a fantastic track-record, which is certain. So, make sure to read this interview thoroughly and get one or two important lessons from him. Come on.


Hi, Fajar! How do you jump into visual and design?

I’ve loved drawing since I was a kid, like doodling and playing with crayon–all those kids stuff. Besides, I also get acquainted with computer because my dad was into programming and some sort. I saw him got busy with his computer every day. That was the first time I gained an interest in digital stuff and be heard of the so-called design. I also had a little brother who had the same interest as mine, so… I’d say that my circumstance molded me to be who I am now.

As I got older and went into high school, I was intended to learn more about design. But the problem was I didn’t know how to get started. At that time, design was closely intertwined with making a poster. That’s how I began, I started to create a poster. I reckon the first tool I worked on was Adobe Photoshop.


Do you think that design = product?

Based on my apprehension, what it means by design is problem-solving, and is one of the important steps when building a product. The designer itself is not always a problem solver but someone who works at the heart of the business to improve things. Those things we can call products, it may be a book, a shoe, a smartphone, a newspaper layout, and anything.

Mukidi is one of Fajar’s presentation template created in 2016

My first attempt in terms of building a visual product is when I tried creating a presentation template. Simply to say, it was because I saw a slight opportunity I could take. There was a gap in the market because many creators were just focused on flyers and banners design. Nobody talked about how prominent a design in the presentation was. It was 2015 and people underestimed PowerPoint, so I felt like I came at the right time, and hopefully, people could accept the product that I built though it was not aesthetically pleasing back then.


Would you describe your feeling when people bought your product for the first time?

I couldn’t describe it in words. But, I was so excited for sure. It was pure excitement because I had no knowledge, basic, and whatsoever when crafting it. Frankly, my idea was just “I am going to make it as good as possible”, and I had to say that I and also the other RRGraph’s founders were the types of executor persons, we all had a background as the technician in which we merely had a mindset to produce, produce, and produce.

The condition is significantly different today when we had to dig deeper into research just to launch a single product. We gotta see it holistically, like get to know the current trends, usability aspects, and the needs of various marketplaces that could be very different from each other.


Anyway, tell your biggest challenge when building a product. Are there any obstacles? How do you overcome them to help you grow?

The process itself might be the biggest challenge, not to mention that today my team and I have to conduct everything much longer. However, though it’s harder than before, it’s also easier. I mean, with those complex procedures, our chance to cultivate the market would be better, we could easily create a desirable product for the targeted audience all the way.

There’s also an internal issue that I usually face, just like when doing a collaboration project. It’s never been easy to gather all designers’ ideas because everyone has their own ego to feed. When it happens, I overcome it with the vote to collect and combine the greatest ideas.

If our product were still failed to meet our expectations, we will detect the pain points and question the ins-and-outs of what we’ve done. Some of our considerations are, “What makes the product unacceptable? How could we do to improve it?”


What’s your near future plan actually?

RRGraph has a big plan to make a product by putting its usability first. Later, we will talk quality a bit less, not quite often just like we used to. Why though? Because quality has no boundary, we will never satisfied with the result, no matter how great our product will be. On the other hand, usability has boundaries, that’s when users could use our product easily.

We'll never be satisfied when crafting for quality. But we'll feel enough when it comes to usability. Click To Tweet

With that being said, I really put a high expectation on my team. I believe that they already have a capability to which really important for achieving our decent goals. What still remains is their self-awareness to be more solid as a team, create a more efficient strategy, and maximize each role and stakeholder’s potential.

Personally speaking, I currently want to master 3D design and enhance my UI design skill so that I could teach that expertise to the team and finally be implemented in RRGraph future product.


If you could tell, name designers who inspire you the most to pursue this career?

I gain a lot of inspiration from Gleb, UXNinja, and Cendhika. I truly love Gleb’s cleanliness, everything’s he made feel so minimalist and immaculate. Besides, UXNinja can stand alone with its dark-futuristic style that out of the world. And for Cendhika, he’s a top coder designer from Indonesia, his achievement and track record truly amaze me, and above all else, he’s my senior in high-school.


This is the last talk. Pick 3 words to define you!

Brave, learner, and curious. But don’t get mistaken, it’s not a sort of curious about other people’s trouble, hehe.


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Get in touch with Fajar 🤝🏻

Should you have a wish to know Fajar more, visit his Instagram to see his fascinating photoshoot. To say the least, make sure to check our founder talks series about workplace wellness and business sustainability.