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Detect and Avoid Fake PowerPoint Templates!

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Table of Contents

Buy a presentation template online seems like the best decision ever. With just paste your content, insert some pictures, and your presentation is ready. The fancy previews of their products are so tempting, with various themes and topics, begging you to buy them.

 But let me tell you: What looks good on the surface, isn’t always good on the inside .

There are PowerPoint templates that I call ‘Fake Template”. Why? Because some (maybe MOST) of the features they claim aren’t working just as they are being said. So here you will learn how to detect and avoid fake PowerPoint templates. Just check the lists below!



Most of the presentation template sellers are using ‘easy to edit’ sentences to attract customers. But, do you know that editing those colorful slides aren’t as simple as it looks? Check this example:

Detect and Avoid Fake PowerPoint Template

I am not going to say what template it is and who is the seller. I just want to give a clear example.

See? You can’t just drag your picture to the placeholder. There is already an image filled the placeholder. You have to delete all images from the template first, then place your own image. Average presentation templates contain 50+ slides, and more image placeholders, deleting image one by one is definitely wasting time. Not easy to edit at all. Compare it to one of our PowerPoint presentations template, Coworking.

Detect and Avoid Fake PowerPoint Template

See? We’re not filling image placeholders with images. We simply fill the placeholder shapes with color so you can identify it easily. Simply drag and click the ‘send backward’ option. No need to delete images first. This will totally save your time in editing the presentation template.



Seeing charts that look good, you imagine it will work with your presentation data. Well, ready to kiss that goodbye. Because most of those charts are not easy to edit. The worst of all, it’s not a chart at all. This chart design is actually beautiful.

Detect and Avoid Fake PowerPoint Template

Turns out it’s actually not a chart. You can actually edit the lines, but adjusting the line with the amount of your data will be difficult.

And again, let’s compare it with our Coworking.

We have a pretty chart too. The difference is, you can edit the data, and the chart will automatically change, following your data. Just right-click to chart and choose ‘edit data’, and you’re good to go. You can also edit the chart in Excel, in case you want to modify it more. What’s more, you can modify every element that builds the infographic just like shapes, lines, and everything.



1000 slides with a super-cheap price. Seems promising. But actually, what they mean by 1000 slides is like 100 (number of actual slides) x 10 (number of color schemes). So you ended up getting 100 slides, not 1000. And this is what we show on Coworking preview.

Detect and Avoid Fake PowerPoint Template

With the real slides amount!

That’s how to detect and avoid fake PowerPoint template. Be careful of what you plan to buy. Better do some research before buying anything online, include presentation template. Use this article as consideration before you buy a presentation template online. For now, we can guarantee that our items have fair prices, qualities, and fast support system.


Last but not least… Browse more templates like Coworking in our marketplace!