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5 Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Table of Contents

Designers, even the expert ones, have been through mistakes in one or some of their designs. We sure you have one of those designs you want to take it back so badly. But, don’t worry! Take a deep breath, here we give you some common design mistakes to avoid.

Before you continue, make sure you’ve learned about font pairing and kicking creator’s block, because these mistakes are way more than those! Alright, to prevent those mistakes, we summarize 5 Design Mistakes to Avoid as follows:


Jumping into a design without a plan

Some designers (mostly beginners) consider that making a plan before designing is a waste of time. In fact, making a plan will determine how our design will look like. Without a plan, your design might lose its direction

The easiest way to plan design is; making a sketch. Your sketch doesn’t have to be fully detailed, just consider it enough to contain your whole design concept. For example, in making a presentation, we always make a concept before designing it in powerpoint. By sketching our concept, it helps us to plan where to place little details like icons, fonts, or even where blank space should be. A well-planned design always better than the incidental ones.


Poor typography

Choosing a font could make or break a design. Poor typography choice includes; too much font-style in one design and fonts that don’t match with a project’s tone and manner.

Poor typography is actually easy to avoid, as long as you pay attention to these points. First, don’t use more than two kinds of font-family in one project. Use fonts that have the same ’feel’. Match serif with sans-serif font to stand out the visual side. If using a background, make sure that your fonts are still readable.


No proofreading

Typo. A word we often heard in social media daily basis. If you accidentally type a wrong letter when chatting with your friend, that’s not a problem. But, typo in design is death. The client would not forgive a typo.

To avoid it, do this. Finish your project way before the deadline. Do other things. Then come back and check your project. Repeat if needed.


Too much color

Another impact of a design without a plan; using too much color in one project. Color-choosing, without consideration, will successfully RUIN a design, how good the layout is.

Try not to use more than three color tones in one project. Color has to be well-planned, match perfectly with design style that you’ve planned before, and make a message inside your design stand-out.


Too symmetrical

Symmetrical design is good. But if it is too much, it will look boring. If every design elements in one project are too symmetrical, your client would lose their interest. Try to create unorganized elements inside your design. Unsymmetrical design still has a balance and the same harmony with the symmetrical ones, and still manages to stand out.


So, from those 5 Design Mistakes to Avoid you’ve read above, how many of them have you experienced? Don’t worry, we sure even the expert designer must have been through one or more mistakes above. Do you know any other design mistakes? Comment below, and share it!