Items to get at RRGraph CYBER MONDAY 2019 (Presentation Templates + Assets)

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The biggest sale of the year is about to begin! You better get ready and prepare what items you’ll get in RRGraph Deals CYBER MONDAY 2019. This event will start on November 11th and last until two weeks after that. With limited time, you have to make sure to get everything you need without wasting money.

Good news if you know already what to get. The bad news is you have no idea what subscription or presentation template you’ll get on Cyber Monday.

For you who belongs to the second group, worry not, because we’ve prepared this list of items to get at Cyber Monday 2019

For you who just want to try it out

We got 50% off everything in RRGraph Deals Cyber Monday, so this is a perfect chance for you, who never bought or use any of our products, to TRY IT OUT. The perfect choice for you is; single purchase. By purchase only one item, you will have the chance to check our item quality, without wasting too many items in your download list.

Here is our templates and assets recommendation for you











For you who need many presentation templates in one time only

Bundle Package it is! With this package, you can get 25 presentation templates in one payment. And of course, you’re the one who has the only right to choose the 25 items. It’s all your decision. Bundle packages also have a 50% price cut off. So you only need to pay $17.5 for 25 templates instead of $35.

Here are some of our best seller presentation assets



And with 25 download access, you have to be creative in combining templates and assets. For example, get 5 presentation templates and 5 chart templates, and 15 Infographic assets to complete your presentation needs.

For you who CONSTANTLY or ALWAYS need presentation assets in your life

Hello, presenter, public speakers, startup owners, or designers, or anyone that needs! the perfect choice for you is the Subscription Plan. You only need to pay ONCE to get our UNLIMITED presentation templates and assets. The great thing is, even when Cyber Monday ended, you’ll remain to pay your discount subscription price (unless you unsubscribe halfway).

Well, well, are you ready for RRGraph Deals Cyber Monday 2019? Now you ready!

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