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Am Always Ready Customizing Technology PowerPoint Presentation

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Table of Contents

Customizing Technology PowerPoint Presentation can be so difficult because it has many components to align. It typically is composed of bulks of data, complex numbers and formulas, long text descriptions, and many other contents in which very exhausting to modify. How this possibly be more terrible? There are just a few designers specified within this niche.

And there’s this little Am girl.

Am. Your first impression of this designer will go the other way round after looking at her works done. Maybe you will promptly see her like a K-Pop fan of some sort, the girl who looks so delicate that you won’t stand to bother with complex tasks, and also that one you hardly get in touch with unless you’re a K-Pop fan too. Still, that’s a mere stereotype. As things go to professionalism, she flexibly can do any PowerPoint orders and kick those shallow impressions out of her persona.

In short, many have said that Am is so tractable.

That sort of behavior, maybe, comes naturally as Am herself wanted to be an architect. She wholly put the ambition to train in the art and science of building design, to develop the concepts for structures, and to turn those concepts into blueprints. As you’ve assumed, she would feel to do graphic design is a false precision, its intention, its refusal of her. However, from A to Z, she’s prepared for what unexpected. And she had chosen to remain responsible.

 Imposing that sort of behavior, Am handles any challenges lies in the Technology PowerPoint presentation’s order. In 2019, Open Talent and TEA Serv are two technology companies she had successfully made their presentation. 

Open Talent is an outsourcing company that provides Australian engineers. They help businesses engage with a visionary talent for ICT projects to envision, manage, and communicate unique technology solutions that are strategically aligned with the business and transformed into valuable business assets. Meanwhile, TEA Serv is more into providing quality training services in technical programs, management, and consultancy tools. They aim to sharpen computer engineering skills with courses and any other learning experiences.

Both companies gave a guideline to Am to make a vivid, user-friendly layout. And those are things she has been doing since the day one joining RRGraph. No more talks here are her ideas in a breakdown,


Comprehensible Charts

technology powerpoint presentation

Effectiveness is a prominent aspect of infographic making. Following that logic, Am wouldn’t end-up to create a muddy hodgepodge statistics showcase. Blue, covered in a smooth grayish overlay, is chosen as her primary color to get the lines and shapes stand out. Alongside with that, the typefaces are pronouncing monochromatic colors, which are white and black. Those clever colors selection can bring contrast and different focus point, which makes the chart well-spoken.


Neat and Futuristic Layout

technology powerpoint presentation

From the slides above, you can look how a simple design can deliver a strong message. Analyze closer, then you’ll find that their sentences are somehow bolder. This is what so-called contents emphasize. But, take into your account that isn’t applicable for any contents. This technique works adequately for quotations, declarative sentences, paragraph’s conclusion, a result in a number, and some sort. Later on, to sync those contents with Technology PowerPoint presentation scope, Am modifies the placeholders with such square shapes to finally bring futuristic effect.


On-Target Slide Breaks

technology powerpoint presentation

During the 15 minutes presentation length at approximate, nobody is going to stare at the screen continuously. Therefore, the slide-breaks are made for… taking a break. Exactly. And is not just for the audience, but also for the speaker, which needs to control its performance pace and be relaxed. Still, how can we not waste that leisure moment? Snapped a finger, Am instantly put each company’s brand over it. This psychologically can catch the eye of one of the sleepy audiences, who will realize that they’re still in a mid of presentation held by those companies.

Our generations are being told as digital natives, and are exposed to the technology interminably. Am is no exception, therefore, she can find ease in designing such topics. At last, though from the story above she is portrayed as very devoted to our client’s guideline, which is somehow forcing her to handle the Technology PowerPoint presentation, we may easily catch her in tears. “I cried to rejuvenate my feelings,” as she always said when overwhelmed. Here, something is learned. That feeling plays an important part to make work-life balance, and we shall appreciate any sacrifice of a principle someone’s done. Because, nobody really knows what’s inside someone’s head, and what appears in front of us, sometimes is a mere counterfeit. Just like Am, who abandons her dream to be an architect for sometimes, and yet still manages to do her best in graphic design.