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Table of Contents

COVID-19 is forcing us to stay in touch with no touch, and while everyone is fighting, we are trying our best to make contribution too.

 We are offering free design service for COVID-19 related contents (banner, presentation, e-book, etc.) 

Every bit of information helps a lot and we don’t want it to be wasted. In this matter, increasingly strict measures to stop the virus spread are bound with the role of informative, enhancing visual layout.

This is a little thing we can do for you. But, please consider that we can’t prioritize every request to keep the quality of our work.

And don’t worry, we will do it from home.

Or, you can get this free item as the alternative right away.



Our corona-themed presentation template is created to raise awareness regarding the virus threat per se. No matter whether you are working for health departments or not, we expect this digital asset can assist everyone to share information with more eye-catching graphic design.

It is extraordinary what is happening. And there is gold, I believe, in this strange time. Perhaps there are gifts. Nuggets of gold for us. If we help one another. There is a very strong call of the species now and as a species we must each see ourselves. A common fate holds us here. We knew it. But not well enough. Either all of us, or no one.Mariangela Gualtieri