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Change PowerPoint Graphic Background You Cannot Edit

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Table of Contents

I guess you’re familiar with such issues. Especially when you get a PowerPoint template in the marketplace, you’re not keen on its features. You try to custom its background, change it with your picture, but you can’t. And then, you’re going to complain since it’s explained, ‘All Features Are Editable,’ on that item. However, it’s not the seller’s mistake. So stop whining at such pointless things because, in this article, we’ll show you super-easy tips to change PowerPoint graphic background. PLEASE NOTE: this tutorial is made for PowerPoint 2019.


1. Click the “View” tab

Find the tab already? Just watch closely in-between the “Help” and “Review” tab.


2. Click the “Slide Master” button

You’re still in the standard view. To change the irreplaceable images, all you need to do is go behind those slides outlook through the “Slide Master” button.


3. Choose the slide you want to edit

Change PowerPoint Graphic Background

At the left-bar, you will see a list of premade slides without contents. Pick which you need to edit. The edit made to that chosen master will apply to a particular slide with an identical layout. Meanwhile, the modification within the number 1 slide in that listing will apply to all slides in your presentation file.


4. Click the “Background Styles” button

Change PowerPoint Graphic Background

After selecting the slide, now you need to find the “Background Styles” button. Then there you’ll find “Format Background,” which opens another side-bar where you can adjust that slide with more options.


5. Adjust the background

Change PowerPoint Graphic Background

This is a bit technical. There are three dots for you to format the background fill. Each option can be useful depends on your need. You can do graduating, texturing, making cool patterns, and whatsoever. In that side-bar, there’s also an option to give artistic effects (look at that pentagonal button). Take your time for editing. After all, you need to click the “Close Master View” button and back to the normal one.

Quick and straightforward, huh?

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