BIG PROJECT – Best PowerPoint Template of 2019

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Is there any presentation template that has IT all? Powerpoint template makers are increasing as you reading this article. Growing with variation of business scopes, categories and design style. But, unfortunately, most of them are just eye candies. Great in the preview, but in reality, they can’t even cover your 15 slides presentation. Whether the template doesn’t have the chart you need or doesn’t have the slide layout you imagine it has. You ended up buying an entire new powerpoint template just because it has the infographics you need. You may scream this question right now: Is there any one-for-all, the best powerpoint template? Then I’ll answer: YES, THERE IS.



On the first note, I’d like to mention that we’ve been working on this for months, and very happy with the result. BIG PROJECT, Best PowerPoint Template of 2019 (for now). How dare I call it the best? Well, I have reasons. First, I guarantee that the BIG Project can cover ALL your presentation need. Business, portfolio, company presentation, data presentation, fashion, creative business, name it all! Big Project has them all. Slide categories, infographics, charts, image layouts, basically it covers everything. Now let’s jump to the review.





At first sight, Big Project has more than 300 slides and 6 color schemes. Designed specially with creative layout, with unique shapes that will enhance your presentation. That makes the BIG Project is best for StartUps and Technology related presentation (others are welcome, too).

When you play BIG Project in slideshow mode, you will see how sharp the colors are, so nice to look at. All the text–font choices, sizes–are readable. All slides have morph transition, which I think, that’s what makes it amazing. For a better experience, I recommend you to use colorful images with high saturation a bit.




Big Project best powerpoint template 2019 has 340 slides. It also has 6 extra premade color schemes that you won’t find in default powerpoint scheme. Prefer to present with a dark background? BIG Project provides BOTH dark and light background in every layout. It also has both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio. Morph transition is on point, you will absolutely like it! That is what you can call the best powerpoint template of 2019



Displaying data is so much easier with vector and Ms. Excel-integrated chart. Easy to customize the best powerpoint template 2019. It also comes with vector infographics and graphics that are very useful and easy to customize. You won’t need any specific skill to edit BIG Project, just drag, copy and paste! As simple as that!

Big Project also covers many slide categories that every business pitch deck will need, such as; introduction slide, business plan, team slide, gallery slide, SWOT analysis, timeline, infographics, maps, charts, and many more.

With all those features, you might be shocked that BIG Project only cost less than $20. Go ahead and check, then!


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