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6 Awesome Hacks to Make Design Stand Out

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Table of Contents

Everyone can be a designer. What makes a difference is how their works turn out. You can be considered as a professional designer if your works stand out. But how to start it? Check these awesome hacks to make the design stand out!


1. Choosing color schemes

This is a very basic thing you MUST do before even opening your design software. Choosing a color scheme will determine how your design will look, also it will help you choose the best typography that works with the scheme. The colors will determine most of the other aspects of the design. Not all shapes and typography work well in every color, nor do all colors compliment each other. Choosing your color scheme early on will make your designs look uniformed and professional. It’ll also save you the time of having to go back and change a lot of things once your design has been created.


2. Align your image and text using the gridline

Almost in every kind of design, scattered images in one page are not very pleased to look at. Our brains respond to visual hierarchy. Having unaligned images is confusing and make your viewers hard to follow them. Do the good things, align your images with gridlines to organize and layout your images.


3. Always sketch your design

It will very helpful if you do it before executing your design. Sketching will help you visualize what your design will become. You won’t waste your time clicking undo and change shape because you know exactly what you’ll make.


4. Save tutorials and design inspiration

Saving design inspirations will help improve your design skills quickly. Use a popular platform like Pinterest or Behance is a great way to start. Bookmarking all the great graphic design content will make it easy to find the website later. Then, you can go back and review what you’ve learned in the future.


5. Keep it simple

Less is more. Ever wonder why minimalist design reigns for years? Because most people are comfortable looking at something simple, without any interruption. Learn to keep your designs simple and purposeful. A great designer can get the point across without having to add several unnecessary elements to a design.


6. Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect, and design is no exception. Like any other skill, the more you practice the better you’ll become. Work on demo projects for your portfolio, do volunteer work, or just make some designs for yourself. No matter what you decide to work on, practice, practice, practice!


If you’d follow those awesome hacks to make a design stand out, hopefully, you can gain more outputs. Check our blog for more tips.