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A.I. in Microsoft PowerPoint – Break Language Barriers and Help People with Disabilities

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It’s not new. But for some of you who don’t know about Artificial Intelligence feature in Microsoft Office yet, you’ll discover something that will help you. There are many languages spoken in this world, and not everyone talking the same language. Language has become a barrier to share or to receive knowledge around the world. Attending a presentation with different spoken language is no longer impossible. Thanks to Presentation Translator, an A.I in Microsoft PowerPoint.

According to Harry Shum, their vision for AI is about people. With that, together with people, help us solve some of society’s most fundamental challenges.

The company also is launching a new “AI for Earth” program that is meant to provide AI tools and skills that are focused on solving global environmental challenges, as well as the creation of an internal Ethical Design Guide for use in building AI products and services.

Eric Horvitz, Technical Fellow and Director at Microsoft Research Labs (credit to image link)

There is various AI tech that Microsoft will or already add to their products. One of them is Seeing AI. It’s a new iOS app that’s available without additional charge to help blind and low-vision people. It’s helping them to harness the power of AI to open up the visual world.

At the event, Microsoft claims that only one in 10 people with disabilities around the world have access to assistive technology tools. With that fact, Microsoft believes that A.I.-driven solutions will help to make a broader impact in this space.

Another thing is an improvement for presentation. Thanks to Presentation Translator, an A.I in Microsoft PowerPoint, attending a presentation with different spoken language between presenter and audience is now possible.

This is the video demo on how PowerPoint Translator works

Presentation Translator, is a PowerPoint add-in that gives presenters the ability to add subtitles to their presentations. It can apply across the same language or more than 60 different languages. These new offerings were shown onstage and in hands-on demos at the event. At the same time, a number of customers were also onsite. They show how they are using Microsoft’s AI tools and technologies to transform their businesses.

According to the product details, Presentation Translator provides useful features for its user. For example, the live subtitling features support 10 speech languages and 60+ text languages. And by telling that AI can help disabled people, Microsoft also provides it in Presentation Translator. Through Inclusivity through Accessibility feature: Help audience members who are deaf or hard of hearing follow the presentation, and participate in the discussion.


image from Unsplash, by @rawpixel

Not only fixing the language barrier problem, it also helps people with disabilities to participate actively in a presentation discussion. As a presenter or audience, all we have to do is embrace this new technology to share and learn positive knowledge around the world. We can learn that an issue can be fixed, so there’s no reason to stop learning and sharing something positive. The future is in our hands.



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