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7 Color Schemes Inspiration for PowerPoint

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Table of Contents

You can’t randomly choose the color for your presentation, You should pay attention to what context, topic, and mood of your presentation. That’s why choosing a color is important. Color holds your audience’s attention first, even before they read your presentation title. Whether it’s in your presentation background or font, choosing the right one PowerPoint color schemes is indeed important.

According to Buffer, more than 90% of our assessment of a product is made on color alone, so it makes sense that color should be considered with care for every design decision, including in PowerPoint Presentation. Here are 7 Color Schemes Inspiration for PowerPoint from great websites!


Energetic Professional

This color scheme is from Mark Dearman. The colors are somehow energizing but still hold the professional context. It suits the presentation that delivers a serious issue or business, but still, have a fun side in it. Suits for any kind of presentation.


Soft Vintage

Simple, minimal, and elegant, this color scheme will rock your presentation. Better use it for PowerPoint presentation that displays many pictures, like architecture, arts, or interior displays. This striking palette is taken from The Martin Agency.


Shocking Neon

Showing a bold color can rock your PowerPoint presentation. Like this palette taken from Play Agency, which uses black against neon purple. A bold color scheme like this is a match for strong topics, like sports, space-theme, or futuristic theory.


Dusty Clear

Color Schemes Inspiration for PowerPointThis scheme from Inga Gudoniene which creates an elegant look, desaturated effect. It’s suitable for topics like literature, books, and inspirational seminars.


Pastel Chic

Color Schemes Inspiration for PowerPointThe pastel color selection by B/C Designers just looks great! Pastel colors are good on many occasions, like girl fashions, culinary, or about women. It uses clean, bright pastel pinks, blues, and oranges to create a fun, bright, and inviting palette. When using pastels, try to mix in a fair amount of white space to keep things fresh and light.


Color Splash

Color Schemes Inspiration for PowerPointBursts of color not always look bad. Like this scheme from Magnium Themes. They put couple bright bursts of color into the mix to create a playful, but engaging effect. The contrast color against soft grey is just a match! Suitable for fashion or common business topics.



Color Schemes Inspiration for PowerPointPurple and green don’t match? Well, this site by Intesys S.r.l. It proves that it can be striking! The rich purple color contrasts strikingly against the vibrant lime and sharp whites to create a unique design. The style is suitable for a quirky business idea, or anti-mainstream critics.

Well, those are our 7 Color Schemes Inspiration for PowerPoint, though we pick them from websites, they are also applicable for your PowerPoint presentation. You can check our collection of premium templates with unique pre-made color schemes, or if you need help in designing your business, or even your personal presentation, don’t hesitate to contact us!