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3 PowerPoint New Features (Designer, Morph, Zoom)

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Table of Contents

You may know PowerPoint as one of those software you use for you presentation. The software with those plain image and text placeholders, and super-boring transitions. But have you check PowerPoint new features? Ready or not, these new features will change the way you deliver your presentation for real.

Each features have its own fuction to maximize your presentation at its best.

Let’s get to know them! (Note: this feature is only available only if you have an Office 365 subscription)




I can say that this is one feature that will make everyone (even the newbies) looks like professional designer. Designer features in PowerPoint allows you choose the best design they provide for your slide. Simply drag your image inside a blank slide, then the feature will show you various layout for your image. One single click, your slide is ready




Morph is a new type of slide transition that recognizes how the assets on the slides have changed from the first slide to the next and automatically manipulates them accordingly. So your slides won’t look individual, instead they will look unite each other

Check our demo for this new feature:


get Visionary PowerPoint template here

When used effectively, Morph allows the presenter to create an impression of a continuous visual thread—like watching a video or a Prezi—instead of a series of independent slides. Effects that required complicated animation sequences can now be achieved with Morph alone, saving time for everyone and enabling non-power users to create elegant visual sequences.





Zoom allows presenters to insert a slide in their presentation that links to all four success stories or five service types—and then choose which options they want to cover during the presentation. Instead of going through pre-determined slides based on assumptions before the presentation, presenters can customize the content in real-time—resulting in more engaging, successful presentation experiences for both the presenter and the audience.


Overall, those new features are made to ease your process in making presentation, and make it better when showed. It is easy to use, and definitely help you in process or deliver your presentation.

Check our morph featured PowerPoint template here



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