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What’s in: 6 Presentation Design Trend in 2018

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Table of Contents

It is important to dedicate a time every year, to analyze what trends that impact our design world. Reviewing aesthetic styles, content formats, and tools that stand out in the second half of the year can be a clear prediction of next year trend. The trends in graphic design are impacting presentation design, that one we cannot deny.

Now I’ve summarized what’s in and outstanding in design industry in second half year, so you can look what will be trending in 2018


Moody Tones

We all sure that 80 and 90s vibes are clearly back. I’m very sure that moody tones are into my 2018 Presentation Design prediction. Not only in fashion, it also impacts the creative industry. The big hit serial ‘Stranger Things’ prove it. From it, we can predict that moody tones vibe like in the famous serial are on the trend again. Also, I find that presentation design trend nowadays is more like ui design trends. Not so different, and can be applied in both field.


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Tips: to apply this in your presentation design, you can add a moody-filtered image that can easily be found in photo stock sites


Ultra Violet and Galaxy Vibes

Ultra-violet is Pantone color for 2018. This followed by movie trends in 2017, which is: space discoveries (Thor: Ragnarok, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2). This marks that next trending aesthetic is galaxy with a touch of purple. Expect space-related aesthetics to impact the graphic, web, interior, and fashion design industries. I really assure you that this is not one of those graphic design trends to avoid. Nothing goes wrong if you follow the Pantone pick 😉


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Mid-Century Modern Motifs and Illustration


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The past trends that are coming back is not only 80s. Mid-century, the era marked between 1933 – 1965, certainly become an inspiration in website landing pages. Not the architecture, but now we are more into the digital adoption and interpretations of those elements.


Color fonts

Fonts now are not only showed in plain colors; it now comes in colors, patterns, and various textures.


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Because the software enabling color font use has only just been released (I’m talking about Photoshop CC 2017/2018 or Illustrator CC 2018). Expect to see many more color fonts in development and use during 2018!


Big, bold, serifs

This trend is reminiscent of the golden era of print advertising. Truth be told, perhaps no other font category can convey the classic, everlasting presence that a transitional or modern bold serif can.


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Asymmetric, Memphis style

Talking about 80s vibes that are coming back, don’t forget about 80s Memphis movements. The scribbly patterns, asymmetric layout, and bold colors are coming back in the stage. This affects web designs, fashion, and presentation designs.


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