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Behind The Works: About Our Best-Selling 2017 PowerPoint Template

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Table of Contents

2017 was an unexpected year for us. It was a year when we feel our hard work is finally paid off. We’ve been working in this business for more than four years. Years before, we make PowerPoint templates, we sell it, and do custom orders for clients. A usual business deals. But in 2017, something different happened. Who knows we’ll make one of best seller powerpoint template?


Then, an idea approach in mind.


Fajar, our Creative Director, gave an idea of making a BIG project. A project that represents the whole year in one presentation design. Of course, it wasn’t easy, but our team was very thrilled to make it real.

“I want it to be a ‘must-have’ presentation template for any business in a year,” said Fajar. He put together all elements that might be used for a presentation. No wonder the template consist of more than 100 slides.

After a long (but fun!) hard work, the 2017 Presentation template was done!


Like Fajar said, this template has everything you need for a business presentation. Team slides, infographics, editable data charts, name it all! We expected nothing when we sold the presentation template to the market, we only hoped that it will be useful for many companies—it’s all in our mind.


Weeks passed, and we were very surprised at how it turned out.



It became a trending item! More than 800 sales, and it still counts. We offer a ‘buy-once-and-get-updates-forever’, so it means when you buy this item, you will get free updates and improvements forever! We keep updating this item with new slides, infographics, new layouts and more.



Obviously, after getting these huge feedbacks, we decide to make this kind of template every year. A presentation template that represents the year’s design aspects.


So, say hello to our 2018 Presentation Template!