PowerPoint Presentation Designers Types
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PowerPoint Presentation Designers Types, Are You the One?

There are so many PowerPoint presentation designers’ types. Basically, there is no significant difference between them from any other graphic designer (They are just presentation designers with PowerPoint as their...
UI/UX Animation for Presentation
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Why Animated UI/UX Concept in Virtual Presentations Matters

Is it good enough to use animation in presentations? That is problematic to answer since when we delve into PowerPoint graphic tools, the available animation effects are sort of cheesy...
5 New Mindsets in the New Normal
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5 New Mindsets in the New Normal

The post-pandemic way of living, the so-called new normal, takes up the world's attention. In recent weeks, we have been signaled by the government to shift the way we functioned...
Science and Medical Presentation Templates
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10 Modern Science and Medical Presentation Templates Collection

Science and the Medical world must step up their game with a better visual presentation. It might help to avoid the pitfalls that put audiences to bore. Then there, we...

Founder Talks: What is Sustainability?

Ariful Fikri is one of RRGraph’s co-founders. His experience spans from developing a pitching strategy for the various marketplace, fostering customer support mechanisms, and managing collaborative plans to lift the...
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10 Screen Sharing Tips for Giving a Better Online Presentation

Giving an online presentation is challenging. People can be invisible and less reactive. That is why whether it is conducted by Google Meet, Discord, or Zoom, you should make your...

Design Agency and Freelance Designer. Which One to Hire?

Design agency and freelance designer play a big part around startup enterprises. Both have the capability to handle projects with their own approaches. Then there you may ask, which one...

5 Guides to Make Money with Presentation Design

Who would have thought if with PowerPoint and fine design skills, one could make $500 a day? In this virtual age where everyone is more concerned with good designs, that...
excel to powerpoint
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How to Link Excel to PowerPoint (Fast and Easy!)

How to Link Excel to PowerPoint? Linking Excel information to a PowerPoint presentation permits you to show advanced knowledge on a lot easier kind that individuals can understand. It will...

Why Do We Play Video Games at Work?

In this article, you will see RRGraph's most favorite video game presentation templates. But... Hold on! We will tell you a bit story about how important to play games in...